8 tricks to burn belly fat

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8 tricks to burn belly fat

The passing of the years, bad eating habits, pregnancies, a sedentary lifestyle, menopause... There are many and varied causes that make our belly gai

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The passing of the years, bad eating habits, pregnancies, a sedentary lifestyle, menopause… There are many and varied causes that make our belly gain centimeters through the accumulation of abdominal fat. The love handles are usually an aesthetic issue but in excess, they can end up affecting our health since the accumulation of fat can alter the functioning of our body and predispose us to suffer from certain diseases.

Do you want to know how to burn belly fat? If the answer is yes, pay attention to the following Be Special Lady tricks. Below we will talk about methods that will help you lose belly, such as the reducing cream, the effective diet to lose belly, or the best exercises to burn fat. Let’s do it!

manage stress

Are you aware that nerves and stress can hinder weight loss? Living in a constant state of stress can be harmful if we talk about gaining weight, especially in people in whom this state causes them to turn to food to have the sensation of calming anxiety, but it is not the only reason. In situations of stress, the body releases more cortisol, which causes the cells in the abdomen to increase in size, as they are more sensitive to hormonal changes than other parts of the body.

In conclusion, if you are wondering how to lose belly fat, you should know that first of all you should manage nerves, tension, stress, and anxiety as well as possible, so that you will prevent the body from being out of adjustment, eating more than necessary and tending to accumulate more fat. To reduce stress effectively you can play sports, such as running or walking, but you can also calm your mind and body through yoga or practice deep breathing when you feel overwhelmed.

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Follow a diet to lose belly

Maintaining healthy habits is essential to feel good and eliminate abdominal fat. If you have accumulated fat in the abdominal belt, carry out a diet specific to lose belly It is one of the keys to help reduce the volume of your belly.

The diet to lose fat should be based on the consumption of vegetables (spinach, broccoli, kale, peas…), proteins (lean meats, turkey, chicken, tofu, fish…) and healthy carbohydrates, that is, not processed (rice, quinoa, potatoes…). In addition, you can add sunflower, sesame, or pumpkin seeds to your dishes, perfect options to make your dishes more nutritious and less caloric.

On the other hand, if you want to lose belly effectively you should leave aside ultra-processed foods and refined sugars reduce alcohol consumption, avoid sauces and dressings by substituting herbs and spices and reduce the intake of inflammatory foods.

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Have a good breakfast and light dinner

One of the best methods that will allow you to face the challenge of eliminating abdominal fat is to have a strong breakfast and a light dinner. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day since it provides us with the necessary energy to face the day and, in addition, it has an “anti-accumulation of kilos” effect, since our metabolism is activated and begins to burn before and faster than any other time of the day. For this reason, performing a complete and healthy breakfast is the key to losing belly and, at the same time, avoiding glucose drops that lead us to eat some hypercaloric food to recover.

On the opposite side, we find dinner, which should be light because while you sleep the body is in energy-saving mode, which makes the metabolism slower and, therefore, not is able to burn as much fat. Although while we sleep we secrete growth hormone, which is responsible for transforming fat into muscle, if we eat a lot before going to bed, the adequate levels of the hormone will not be released, which translates into a greater accumulation of fat, especially in the abdominal area.

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be careful with drinks

Some drinks are counterproductive if you want to burn belly fat. Take note:

Reduce beer consumption

Do you like cold beer? So, write down this advice to know how to lose belly without giving up its flavor, since beer, in its right measure, can be very healthy. The recommendation does not abuse beer or other alcoholic beverages, especially if your desire is to lose belly. To prevent kilos from accumulating in your belly, the ideal is to settle for half a cane of beer. And remember: by stopping drinking alcohol you can reduce your abdominal perimeter by up to 28%.

Watch the consumption of light drinks

Soft drinks are usually very caloric and although some are called Light because they have fewer calories, you should not ignore their fructose concentration, which is very high and can contribute to the accumulation of fat, especially in the abdominal area. For this reason, some nutritionists warn that these soft drinks are also related to unhealthy lifestyle habits. On the other hand, although fructose does not trigger blood sugar levels as glucose does, abusing it can have consequences such as increased triglycerides that make it difficult for the body to burn fat effective so that it can accumulate in the abdominal area, as confirmed in the North American study carried out by Plos One in which 1,454 participants (741 men and 713 women) were analyzed for 10 years, during which time it was possible to associate non-caloric sweeteners used in soft drinks Light with greater weight, a larger waist and a greater predisposition and incidence of abdominal obesity.[1]

Take spices with fat-burning power

there are some foods that can help you burn fat and lose those kilos accumulated in the float or abdominal belt. To do this, increase the presence of spices in your dishes, betting on those with high fat-burning power, such as the following:

  • Pepper: It has a thermogenic effect, that is, it helps to increase the basal metabolism, which translates into burning more calories even while at rest.
  • Turmeric: It contains curcumin, a substance that not only facilitates the emptying of the gallbladder but also helps the digestion of fats. If you have stones, you should use this food with care.
  • Cayenne: This hot pepper contains capsaicin, a substance that helps burn fat. A small amount of cayenne can be effective in reducing the abdomen.

try to rest well

Sleeping well is essential to be able to properly rest the body and mind and, although you may not believe it at first, rest is also related to eliminating fat from the abdomen. The idea is to seek balance, since sleeping less than 5 hours a day is just as bad as sleeping more than 8 hours a day, since both tendencies lead you to accumulate more abdominal fat, among other problems.

In this sense, not sleeping the recommended time (between 6 and 8 hours a day) can cause disturbances in insulin production. This can lead to your body asking you for more glucose and, therefore, you end up giving in to the temptation to eat excess fats and sweets. Remember, too, that snacking on something in the middle of the night will be counterproductive if you want to lose abdominal fat because during those hours your body is in energy savings and you can gain more weight than in the most active part of the day.

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Do exercises to burn belly fat

Sport is essential to be able to burn fat and convert it into muscle. Therefore, the winning tandem is to combine cardio activities with strength exercises, in addition to a healthy, varied, and balanced diet.

cardio activities

Cardio activities are the best when it comes to losing weight and burning fat. If you want the results to be seen in a short time, any aerobic exercise will be your greatest ally. Walking, running, cycling, swimming, or dancing are some of the perfect activities to achieve your goal. And it is that through cardio the hormone irisin is activated, responsible for transforming white fat, that is, the harmful one, into brown or good fat, that is, the one that helps us burn calories when we increase our body temperature. By doing a cardio activity about three times a week you will quickly notice the results.

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strength exercises

Any core-focused strength exercises will help you burn fat and define this area. If you want to gain tone and muscle in the abdominal area, bet on the following exercises.

isometric iron

It is characterized by activating the abdominal wall without putting the back at risk. The idea is to tense your abs, maintaining the block posture. You don’t have to stay in this position for a minute or two, you can do sets of 30 to 45 seconds and it will be just as effective.

Learn more about the benefits of plank crunches, or isometric planks, and how to do them.

leg lift

To do the leg lift and work your lower legs and abdominals, in particular, lie on your back, with your hands on the ground. Now raise and lower your legs without touching the ground, staying about a foot away from it. Do sets of 10 to 12 repetitions to make it more effective.

Hypopressive abs

There are numerous versions of hypopressive abdominals, but we want to explain the most suitable one to end the prominent belly. You must sit in an Indian position, lengthen your back and place your hands on your knees, with your elbows out. In this position, take three deep breaths: inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth as if you were trying to blow out a candle while you mentally count to 6, slowly, noticing how your belly hardens. Then, change the crossing of the legs and repeat the breaths three times. Doing hypopressive abs every day you will be able to reduce your waist a few centimeters, destroying the fat around it.

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Use a reducing cream

Use a fat-burning cream It can also be effective in reducing the abdominal belt a few centimeters and getting rid of the fat that has accumulated in it. Combining a healthy diet with exercise and the help of cosmetics, it will be much easier to burn abdominal fat.

You can bet on reducing creams made from natural ingredients such as guarana, caffeine, or lemon. Also for those that produce a hyperemic effect, that is, that activates blood flow, and heat effect in the area helping to destroy accumulated fat. Remember: liposculpture cosmetics will help you burn localized fat more effectively.

You can also prepare some natural recipes to apply to your abdomen and facilitate the dissolution of accumulated fat. Here you can find some recipes for homemade creams to burn fat.

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