Benefits of Ultra cavitation

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Benefits of Ultra cavitation

Ultra cavitation is an aesthetic treatment that offers the benefits of liposuction without the need to go through the scalpel. The technique is carrie

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Ultra cavitation is an aesthetic treatment that offers the benefits of liposuction without the need to go through the scalpel. The technique is carried out through a special ultrasound device that allows bubbles to be created in the fatty tissue and then burst and release the content of the fat cells through the lymphatic system.

Ultra cavitation is a treatment that requires more than one session and the number of applications will depend on the needs of each person. This technique, which is painless and non-invasive, should only be performed by a specialist in aesthetic medicine. To learn more about this treatment, carefully read this Be Special Lady article where we detail the benefits of ultra cavitation.

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Benefits of Ultra cavitation:

Step one

Among the benefits of ultra cavitation, the localized fat burning. This is possible because when the ultrasound comes into contact with the skin, it creates bubbles and bursts the adipocytes (fat cells), which travel to the lymphatic system and are expelled through urine and faeces.

Ultra cavitation allows treating various areas of the body at the same time, so it helps to combat the localized fat of the love handles and saddlebags to allow the person to lose measures uniformly. It is estimated that for each session you can reduce 1 cm in body measurements.

Step two

Another benefit of ultra cavitation is improving the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is formed by the accumulation of adipocyte fat cells, which can be burst by ultra cavitation and when dissolved, the balls that give life to orange peel dissolve. Although cellulite is almost impossible to eliminate completely, this technique does offer a considerable improvement in its appearance.

Step 3

Because it is performed with a specialized power ultrasound, one of the benefits of ultra cavitation is that it allows stimulating blood circulation, which results in a more lush and rejuvenated skin in the treated area. Likewise, it is also possible to observe that due to the reduction of cellulite and better blood circulation, the skin looks firmer and the muscles more toned.

Step 4

The absence of pain is another of the benefits of ultracavitation. This technique does not produce any type of injury, burning or pain in the skin, since the effect of ultrasound on the dermis is that of a gentle massage. People who have undergone this treatment assure that the ultracavitation session can even become a relaxing moment.

Step 5

Ultracavitation is non-invasive, does not require hospitalization or cuts or sutures. It is an outpatient procedure that lasts about 45 minutes and does not prevent the person from continuing with their routine, work-life and household chores. Likewise, ultracavitation is a technique without side effects that do not put the patient’s life at risk, nor does it produce allergies and irritations.

Step 6

Ultracavitation, unlike other treatments, has the benefit of offering Results from the first session, because the burning of fat begins its process from the first moment that the ultrasound comes into contact with the skin. After an ultracavitation session, the person should drink plenty of water, which helps the body to get rid of localized fat more easily.

Step 7

If accompanied with radiofrequency, ultracavitation can help enhance the improvement of the skin, allowing it to combat flaccidity. Both techniques together represent a perfect duo to treat the skin during weight loss, allowing it to be reaffirmed and made more resistant to gravity.

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