Benefits of vacuum therapy

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Benefits of vacuum therapy

When talking about cellulite it is difficult not to hear about vacuum therapy. Vacuum therapy originated in France and spread throughout the world as

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When talking about cellulite it is difficult not to hear about vacuum therapy. Vacuum therapy originated in France and spread throughout the world as one of the best aesthetic treatments to improve the appearance of orange peel skin, however its application suggests many other benefits.

This technique consists of sucking the skin through special devices that act as a pacifier or suction cup to stimulate blood supply to the dermis and epidermis in order to drain the body’s fat cells in the treated area. Get to know the benefits of vacuum therapy and its function in the body in this Be Special Lady article.

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Benefits of vacuum therapy

Step One

Among the benefits of vacuum therapy, is its ability to drain fat cells adipocytes and expel them through the lymphatic system through urine or faeces. These cells are responsible for the formation of the balls of fat that make up cellulite, which is why vacuum therapy is considered an excellent option to improve the appearance of orange peel skin.

Step Two

Likewise, another of the benefits of vacuum therapy is its ability to stimulate blood supply. When the suckers suck in the skin and loosen it, circulation speeds up and the dermis can be more easily nourished and hydrated, making it look firmer and more toned. Even when vacuum therapy is applied to the face, it helps improve the appearance of open skin pores.

Step Three

The suction of the vacuum therapy together with the stimulation of the circulation allows the muscle toning, which helps to obtain results such as higher buttocks if applied in this area. It also allows you to combat flaccidity by serving as an ally so that the skin does not give in to gravity during fat loss.

Step Four

Localized fat burning is one of the benefits of cellulite, which favours the reduction of body measurements in areas such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. For this reason, many people use vacuum therapy as an adjunct treatment for weight loss, accompanied by a diet and exercise routine, which further improves the results of this technique.

Step Five

Vacuum therapy has the benefit of being a non-invasive treatment, which allows the person to attend their session without having to be hospitalized and without having to interrupt their daily routine and tasks. Vacuum therapy has no side effects so it does not cause allergies, irritations or skin changes, in fact, by improving blood circulation it has the property of preventing the appearance of significant bruising.

Step Six

Vacuum therapy offers soon results. Although several sessions are needed to observe all the desired effects, after the first vacuum therapy session an improvement in the appearance of the skin can be seen, especially in the firmness and dissolution of the fat balls that make up cellulite.

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