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Foods to have a flat stomach

Do you want to show off a flat stomach? Then you should incorporate some foods into your daily life whose properties will help you reduce fat, elimina

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Do you want to show off a flat stomach? Then you should incorporate some foods into your daily life whose properties will help you reduce fat, eliminate love handles and reduce the swelling that we often have in the abdominal area. In the same way, there are some foods that you should avoid because they promote fluid retention and provide us with saturated fats that are usually located in specific areas such as the belly, hips, butt, etc. In this Be Special Lady article, we are going to discover the foods to have a flat stomach that you can start incorporating into your diet today and thus take advantage of its weight loss benefits.

lose weight with cucumber

One of the best foods for a flat stomach is cucumber since 97% of its composition is water, something that allows the body to be cleansed naturally by providing a diuretic effect, but it also manages to eliminate fluid retention, also reducing the presence of cellulite.

In addition to this, we must not forget that cucumber is a very low-calorie food Well, we only take 13 for every 100 grams that we consume, something perfect to satisfy our appetite, take advantage of its nutrients without our body hardly noticing it.

One of the main nutrients provided by cucumber is fiber, a component that improves intestinal transit, causing us to eliminate the toxins accumulated inside us but, in addition, it also provides a great feeling of satiety by reducing appetite naturally. Fiber also helps reduce fat in our body, therefore, it will help you lose weight.

To take advantage of these benefits, it will only be enough for you to incorporate cucumber in your daily diet or, also, you can prepare a cucumber water drink that you can drink before each meal to control your appetite.

Papaya to reduce belly

We continue with another perfect food to help us lose belly and get a flat stomach: papaya. Is fruit is ideal for losing weight since it contains a papain enzyme that helps improve digestive processes by making us better metabolize nutrients and also reduces stomach swelling thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties?

In addition to this, papaya acts as a powerful diuretic that promotes the elimination of fluids retained in the body and, therefore, we can reduce cellulite and lose it. Its contribution to fiber also helps to purify the body while making us feel more satiated and, therefore, we are not hungry between meals.

To take advantage of all these benefits, you just have to introduce this fruit to your day-to-day life, you can also take advantage of papaya seeds (as they contain most of their weight loss properties) by blending them in a papaya smoothie or chewing them directly. In this Be Special Lady article, we discover how to lose weight with papaya.

A flatter stomach thanks to ginger

Among the best home remedies for weight loss, ginger can never be missing because the root of this plant contains interesting properties that help you lose weight. Among them, we highlight that it is an anti-inflammatory that reduces abdominal swelling, prevents gas, and, therefore, allows us to have a flat stomach more easily.

In addition to this, ginger acts as an appetite suppressant, something important to reduce the desire to eat too much and, therefore, provide too many calories to our body. But the best thing about this medicinal plant is that it contains fat-burning properties since it speeds up our body, making the body have to go to fat reserves to transform them into energy.

The best way to incorporate this food into your diet is to prepare an infusion with its root and drink 1 or 2 cups a day to take advantage of all the weight loss benefits that we have just indicated.

In this Be Special Lady article, we tell you in detail how to lose weight with ginger.

Lose fat with pineapple

It is also possible to lose the belly thanks to pineapple, a fruit full of benefits that will allow us to sculpt our body in a very effective and natural way. It is one of the best options since, for the most part, it is made up of water, which is why it acts as a natural diuretic that manages to eliminate fluid retention as well as purify our body by cleansing it of toxins.

In addition to this, it is also a very healthy option because contains fiber, a nutrient that improves transit while providing great satiety, making us feel more satisfied with less quantity. Therefore, including pineapple in your diet is highly recommended to get the body you want; yes, you can also prepare a pineapple tea and drink it before each meal, thus, you will be able to increase its diuretic effect and reduce your appetite between meals without hardly gaining weight.

lose weight with celery

Celery is also another of the best foods for a flat stomach since it has many benefits that will purify your body and allow you to lose weight. The highlight is that, like the cucumber, 95% of celery is water something essential to allow us to reduce fluid retention, eliminate cellulite, and reduce abdominal swelling, achieving a much flatter and more perfect belly.

In addition to this, celery is also not very low in calories so it can be included in any of your recipes and take advantage of its benefits without your body noticing it; in fact, for every 100 grams we take in only 16 calories, something really very low for the large number of nutrients that it provides us. At Be Special Lady we tell you how to lose weight with celery so you can learn about the different ways you can include this food in your diet.

eat watermelon to lose weight

Among the best fruits for weight loss watermelon also stands out since it is an ingredient very rich in water but, in addition, it is included in foods with “negative calories“, that is, those that contain fewer calories than our body uses to metabolize them.

But, in addition to this, watermelon is also perfect for losing belly fat because it is rich in arginine substance that helps to oxidize saturated fats and also glucose, therefore, activating the fat burning process. It is also a very low-calorie option because for every 100 grams we only eat 32 calories.

To take advantage of these benefits, it will be enough for you to drink watermelon daily or, also, you can prepare juices or smoothies to vary and not get bored. At Be Special Lady we specify how to lose weight with watermelon, explaining everything about the properties of this fruit to lose weight.

artichokes for weight loss

And, finally, another of the best foods to achieve a flat belly without love handles is the artichoke, a vegetable full of benefits for weight loss and getting the body we want so much. The reason is that, like watermelon, it is also included in the list of foods with negative calories and, therefore, makes the body spend more calories than it provides.

But not only this but the artichokes give us a very interesting source of fiber which, as we have already seen, is an essential nutrient to cleanse the body, reduce the presence of retained liquids and improve skin health by reducing cellulite. In addition, it also manages to give us a great feeling of satiety, which means that with less food we feel very satiated.

It contains a substance called “cyarin” which stimulates the digestion of fats by encouraging them to be eliminated through the urine, making it a perfect ingredient to burn accumulated fat, lose volume and get rid of belly rolls. Its low caloric intake also makes it an ideal option to accompany your lunches or dinners since for every 100 grams we only eat 22 calories.

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