Fruits to burn fat – 8 steps

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Fruits to burn fat – 8 steps

Do you want to lose those extra kilos? You should know that there are some fruits that help burn fat and speed up your metabolism, so they are recomme

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Do you want to lose those extra kilos? You should know that there are some fruits that help burn fat and speed up your metabolism, so they are recommended to all those who want to lose weight in a healthy way. All foods contain calories but there are some of these that contain properties that make your body speed up and end up burning more fat than is consumed, these are what are known as foods with negative calories, among which are also some fruits. In this Be Special Lady article, we reveal the best fruits to burn fat and get your body to burn the excess calories and fat that you have stored. Great, right?

Fruits to burn fat


Fruits are optimal ingredients to enjoy a healthy life and they provide a large number of vitamins and essential nutrients for our body to function properly but, in addition, they are ideal to help us lose weight since they are a rich source of fibre and not they contain barely calories.

The fat burning fruits that we will discover below are, for the most part, made up of water and fibre, so you will feel satiated by taking a few calories and providing a large number of vitamins to your body. The soluble fibre from fruits helps the body absorb less fat and also promotes intestinal transit, so it will help you lose cheese in a very healthy way.


The Apple. It is one of the fruits that are considered to have “negative calories“; as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, in order to digest this type of food, our body burns more calories than the fruit provides, for this reason, they are known as negative calories. We must point out that all foods have calories, but the result of what you burn with what you consume is what gives a negative result that makes you burn more. In Be Special Lady we discover in detail the foods with negative calories.

In addition to this, the apple is a fruit rich in water and pectin something that helps to naturally detoxify the body and dilute fat; It is also a good diuretic with a high source of fibre, so it provides a feeling of satiety after taking it.


Watermelon. As with the apple, more calories are also spent digesting it than it contains. It is a fruit with a high amount of water, something that considerably lowers its calories, which is why it is also a fruit to burn fat. Being made up of a lot of water, it also works as a diuretic, helping to eliminate toxins; In addition, watermelon contains arginine, a substance that increases the oxidation of glucose and saturated fats, so it contributes to burning the excess fat that we have in the body.


Strawberries. This delicious and sweet red fruit is also a perfect ingredient for losing weight as it also has a lot of fibre and water, so it helps eliminate toxins without feeling hungry. In addition, strawberries contain large doses of vitamins and minerals that are very favourable for the proper functioning of our bodies. Being made up of water, this fruit also helps purify the body, thus preventing the accumulation of liquids and reducing cellulite.


Pineapple. It is one of the fruits that help lose weight par excellence, in fact, there are a large number of diets and slimming plans that contain pineapple as an essential ingredient to help burn calories and keep the body in good condition. The reason for the success of pineapple is because it contains a bromelain substance that is found in its juice and in the stem and that helps to burn fats boost metabolism naturally. In addition, it also contains a large amount of water and fibre, which helps to cleanse the body and provides a great feeling of satiety after eating it.


the grapefruit This fruit is rich in nutrients and vitamins, especially that of group C, and is also a very recurrent food in different diets to lose weight. The main reason is that it is a powerful natural diuretic that manages to help us purify the body without giving us hardly any calories. In addition, it is a very healthy fruit that provides calcium, fibre, antioxidants and potassium; In this Be Special Lady article, we deal in particular with the properties of grapefruit so that you understand why it is used so much for weight loss.


The lemon. It is also one of the essential fruits to burn fat and have a healthier body; In fact, it has been discovered that drinking water with lemon on an empty stomach has many benefits because, in addition to helping us cleanse the body, it helps us have better digestion, cleanse vital organs such as the liver or colon, and improve the state of our skin.

But it’s also a fruit to lose weight since it makes it easier for our body to eliminate saturated fats, dilute cellulite clusters and speed up our metabolism, which makes us burn calories faster than usual.


But in addition to its ability to help us lose weight, fruits contain high benefits for our body that we should not miss. Below we detail why is it good to eat fruit daily and how your body notices it:

  • Regulates the intestinal transit and manages to keep cholesterol levels in the blood balanced.
  • They have large doses of vitamins including groups C and A, which help increase defences, improve the health of our skin and keep our bones strong.
  • They are a great source of antioxidants which it helps us maintain the health of our cells by protecting them from free radicals.
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