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Home remedies to lose weight fast

Losing fat in the legs and buttocks is one of the most pursued goals. The truth is that reducing the volume in this area in a few weeks is po

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Losing fat in the legs and buttocks is one of the most pursued goals. The truth is that reducing the volume in this area in a few weeks is possible if we take the necessary measures. For this, we must be clear about some aspects such as a diet and the appropriate exercises that allow us to eliminate fat, however, the most important thing is our willpower and the effort we put into achieving it.

In addition to a good training and the right diet, we can carry out some home remedies to lose weight fast that we explain in this Be Special Lady article.

How to lose weight fast

The objective when it comes to reducing the legs is not only to burn fat, but include a series of habits in our day to day to help us stay healthy. In other words, not only will we get slimmer legs, but we will also feel better and strengthen our physical resistance. To do this we must make the following points:

  • Diet. Most people who want to burn calories quickly focus on exercising, forgetting that changing or adapting our diet is essential to obtain good results.
  • Exercises. The exercises to lose weight in the legs focus on burning calories, but we must also carry out activities that allow us to tone the buttocks and thighs to achieve spectacular results.
  • Home remedies. In addition to proper diet and exercise, there are some perfect natural remedies to combat some of the factors that influence the size of the legs, such as fluid retention. In turn, we will also be fighting aesthetic problems such as cellulite.

Diet to lose weight fast legs and thighs

One of the first steps we must take is to be clear about the eating habits that will help us lose fat quickly.

fat burning foods

This type of food complements exercise by stimulating the loss of calories and the elimination of fat from the body. How? They allow our metabolism to speed up by burning more calories than you consume. These are some of best fat burning foods What can we include in our diet?

  • Walnuts and almonds. The main advantage of consuming these nuts is their satiating effectand. As a consequence, we will be less hungry and eat less, helping the body not to add calories. The key is to eat, at most, a handful of these nuts daily and always prefer those that have not been processed, that is, they are not fried or contain salt or sugar.
  • green vegetables. Spinach or watercress are very healthy foods that should already be part of our diet. When it comes to burning calories to lose weight, they are also very helpful. The reason is that they are rich in water, low in calories and high in fiber. As a consequence, they will help us feel full, prevent fluid retention and help balance intestinal transit, preventing us from feeling bloated.
  • fat burning fruits. Fruit should never be missing from our diet, but if you want to lose weight quickly in your legs and thighs, its function is vital. Fruit gives us fructose, that is, sugar that gives us energy. This food is very easy to digest, making it difficult for our body to burn the few calories it provides us. Some of the best fruits to lose weight are: blueberries, tomato, watermelon, banana, grapefruit and apple.

diet to lose weight

In addition to choosing the right foods, we must not get carried away by the desire to lose weight too quickly, but we must be aware that our diet does not harm our health. That is why we give you some tips that will help you lose weight in your legs and buttocks in a healthy way:

  • Incorporate 5 meals a day. It is the main rule. It is better to have five light meals throughout the day than 3 meals. Why? Our body better assimilates small amounts of food more often than not a larger amount of food leaving a longer fasting time. In this way, try to make five meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dinner.
  • avoid certain foods. It is no mystery, but foods such as canned products, industrial pastries or processed foods usually contain more salt, preservatives and other foods that stimulate fluid retention and prevent us from burning calories more easily.

In this article you can consult a diet to lose weight quickly legs and buttocks.

Exercises to burn leg fat fast

Now that we have controlled the part of the diet, it is essential to perform exercises that help us burn fat and reduce volume in the legs and buttocks.


It is one of the most complete exercises to eliminate fat in the thighs, buttocks and legs. Its execution is quite simple and, although at first it may be difficult to maintain the proper position, with practice they are simple to perform. You can start by doing 3 sets of 10 squats a day, 3 days a week, and increase the number of days and repetitions as you get in better physical shape.


Along with squats, strides is another exercise that should not be missed to burn calories in the legs. To do them correctly, we must stand with our legs slightly apart and our hands on our waist. Then, keeping your back straight, move one leg forward, bending the one behind you and bringing your knee closer to the ground but not touching it.

Other exercises we can do

In addition to the above exercises, it is important that we include activities that help burn calories, that is, cardio exercises. Some of the best are:

  • Zumba. One of the best ways to burn calories and lose leg fat in an entertaining way. In a single session you can burn no more and no less than 800 calories. On our YouTube channel you can find the best Zumba videos to burn calories.
  • Bike. A simple way to do outdoor activities, burn calories and tone your leg muscles.
  • jump rope. If you prefer to do exercises to lose weight fast at home, jumping rope is one of the best options.

Home remedies to lose weight fast: infusions

We must be clear that without proper diet and exercise it is impossible to obtain good results. However, now that we have seen both points, having these home remedies to lose weight fast on hand will help us achieve better results. The following natural products have fat burning propertiesso the intention is to include them as supplements in our slimming diet.

green tea to burn calories

It is another of the fat-burning foods that we should not forget. Its antioxidant properties help us fight free radicals, it hardly provides calories and we can take it several times a day. Also, this herb has diuretic effects that stimulate the elimination of water and prevent fluid retention.

A good option is take it 3 times a day and sweeten it with a little stevia in case its taste seems too bitter.

ginger for slimming legs

This root is useful for two reasons: the first is that it has fat-burning properties that, as we have explained previously, accelerate the activity of the metabolism; the second is that by having anti-inflammatory effects they prevent the accumulation of gases and abdominal swelling. Thus, we will not only be able to burn calories in our legs and thighs, but we will also feel our belly flatter.

We propose different ways to take this home remedy to lose weight naturally:

  • Ginger and grapefruit. Prepare a ginger infusion and add the juice of two grapefruit.
  • ginger and lemon. Mix an infusion of ginger with the juice of two lemons.
  • Ginger and carrot. Mix both ingredients in the blender, then add hot water and the juice of one orange.

Lemon to reduce volume in the legs

It is one of the most used natural products in natural medicine. In the case of wanting to lose fat in the buttocks and thighs, we can benefit from several of its properties. His diuretic effect It eliminates toxins from the body, favoring the elimination of liquids. Being a citrus fruit, this home remedy to lose weight fast stimulates the production of digestive enzymes, improving digestion. In addition, it is also rich in pectin, a type of soluble fiber important for digestive well-being that helps digest certain foods and prevents the accumulation of fat.

Home remedies to lose fat in the legs: reducing creams

These types of creams stimulate blood circulation in the legs and eliminate accumulated fat formations.

Coffee reducing cream

Caffeine is a stimulating component that helps break down stored fat. In addition, also fights cellulite and provides firmness To the skin. To prepare this cream you need to mix the coffee grounds that remain in the coffee pot after its preparation, along with four tablespoons of sunflower oil. Stir well and apply the content on the thighs or buttocks. For greater effectiveness, you can cover the legs with fil paper for about 20 minutes. In this way, you help the skin absorb the preparation better.

Sage, eucalyptus and olive oil reducing cream

Mix two tablespoons of sage, two of eucalyptus, one of olive oil and a little lemon juice. These ingredients have moisturizing and firming properties that will help us reduce the size of our legs while firming the skin.

In this article you can learn how to prepare more homemade creams to burn fat.

Home remedies to burn fat in the legs: reducing massages

Reducing massages do not have slimming effects per se, but they are an excellent complement to diet and exercise. In addition, we can easily make them together with the reducing creams that we have indicated in the previous point.

This type of massage consists of using techniques that help remove fat deposits. At the same time, they are also effective in fighting cellulite on the buttocks. These are the steps you must follow to perform a reducing massage:

  • Apply one of the previous reducing creams to facilitate the massage and enhance its effects.
  • Make circular movements on the leg in a clockwise direction.
  • During the movements, you should try to knead the skin, generating friction.
  • Increase the pressure you apply throughout the session, and do some tapping with your hands in the area.
  • Use your knuckles to gently press the skin on your leg, continuing in circular motions.
  • To finish, make vertical movements with your hands to facilitate the elimination of liquids and fat deposits.

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