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Homemade beauty tips to lose weight

A diet with healthy foods and getting used to exercising regularly can be a good way to lose weight. However, there are some homemade beauty t

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A diet with healthy foods and getting used to exercising regularly can be a good way to lose weight. However, there are some homemade beauty tricks with which we can lose weight more quickly and easily. It just depends on you, since these homemade tricks basically consist of changing some aspects or customs that you have been adopting throughout your life and that may be inappropriate for losing weight.

If you have tried to diet and have not managed to lose weight, at OneHOWTO we have the solution for you. In this article we will explain different homemade beauty tips to lose weight in a simple and healthy way. Follow them and you will surely manage to lose those unwanted kilos.

The first homemade beauty trick to lose weight is to take infusions with fat burning properties throughout the day, either at breakfast, after eating or before exercising. Next, we show you the best homemade infusions to lose weight:

  • Cinnamon and honey tea: It is an ideal infusion for diets, as it has fat-burning, satiating properties and, in addition, regulates blood sugar levels. You must take it twice a day (on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to sleep).
  • Green Tea: It is a powerful antioxidant that will speed up your metabolism helping you lose weight. For best results, you should take it half an hour before doing sports.
  • Ginger infusion: It is a medicinal plant with properties that help you lose weight. It is satiating, improves your digestion and speeds up metabolism to burn fat faster.
  • Lemon infusion: It has excellent anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties that will help you burn fat in the abdominal area. Take it on an empty stomach.
  • Horsetail infusion: It is an excellent diuretic that will help you retain less fluid.

If you want to lose weight easily and effectively, it is recommended that you include this list of foods that contain slimming properties:

  • Nuts: almonds are rich in protein and omega 3, which helps us to speed up our metabolism and, therefore, to lose weight.
  • Citric fruits: grapefruit, orange or lemon are excellent foods rich in vitamin C and with powerful diuretic properties that will help you eliminate liquids and toxins.
  • Oatmeal: It is a cereal very rich in fiber and protein that will help you eliminate fat and that, in addition, has satiating properties. In the following article you can see some recipes with oats to lose weight.
  • Strawberries: They are rich in anthocyanins, a compound that helps us in the process of burning fat.
  • Asparagus: its richness in fiber helps us absorb less fat and activate metabolism.
  • Salmon: It is high in healthy fatty acids (omega 3) and protein that will help us burn fat faster.

There are other homemade beauty tricks that, in addition to helping you lose weight, are also very effective in eliminating some skin imperfections, such as cellulite or fluid retention. In this section, we show you two treatments that you can easily do at home.

Cold wraps to reduce cellulite

In this treatment you must take a couple of bandages for the wounds and wet them with a homemade liquid that will contain menthol, water, liquid camphor and alcohol. When you make the mixture with all the ingredients and you have the cold bandages ready, apply them as follows:

  • Place the wet bandage with the mixture on the area you want to treat. You must surround the area from top to bottom until it is well secured.
  • Wrap the bandages that you have placed with plastic wrap so that the treatment lasts longer.
  • Let the cold bandages act on the area for 30 minutes.
  • Once that time has passed, remove the bandages and massage the area with a draining massage accompanied by a reducing cream.
  • You can see more details in the article how to make cold wraps to lose weight.

    Draining massage for weight loss

    This home treatment helps us lose weight, as it reactivates blood circulation, helps us dissolve accumulated fat in the body and speed up our metabolism. To do it, you just have to have a reducing oil that you can either buy or make at home, and follow this step by step:

  • Smear your hands with the reducing oil and rub them together to warm them up a bit.
  • Apply the oil that you have in your hands in the area where you want to do the reducing massage.
  • With one hand on top of the other, begin to make circular movements and then with each of the hands do these movements again.
  • Now you must knead by pressing on the entire area,
  • and then give big pinches to catch the fat.
  • Using your knuckles, you should again make circular motions, applying pressure as you do so.
  • Finish the draining massage by kneading the skin again and making vertical movements from top to bottom.

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