How to clip in and blend hair extensions with short hair

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Although short hair is beautiful, it can be difficult to look good. Hair extensions are the best option because your hair won’t grow overnight. You can achieve your desired hairstyle in a matter of minutes with this instant solution. You can experiment with different lengths and thicknesses depending on what type of hair extensions you have.

There are many types of extensions, but clip in hair extensions is the best for short hair. The next step is to clip in the extension and blend it with your hair.

Let’s look at how to choose the best clip-in extensions for your hair and blend them with your shorter hair.

How to Choose the Right Clip-In Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Short hair extensions are not compatible with long hair. Therefore, it is a good idea to opt for short extensions. They blend well with shorter hair. You should opt for extensions between 16-18 inches in length. If you buy extensions that are too long for your hair, you have the option to cut them to your desired length. To avoid damage to your extensions, we recommend that you have them cut at a salon.

Second, make sure you choose Remy hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are versatile and look natural. They also blend well with short hair. You can also style them and treat them the same as your natural hair. Thicker extensions will look better on women who have a blunt cut than thin ones. Thicker extensions look natural.

A clip-in that matches your hair color is another key to achieving a natural look. Tip: Choose a color that compliments your hair from the middle to the edges. You should avoid choosing the hair color that is closest to your roots as they may have a different tone.

Use the Wefts

Once you have chosen the right extensions, it is time to clip them and blend them into your hair. Start by combining and stacking the wefts. This makes it easy to blend your hair and the extension, and achieve your desired hairstyle.

This technique can be used to achieve more color dimension if you wish. Most women only use one or two weaves. However, you can choose to add more wefts to increase volume and length. You can hide your clips and some of your blunt hair by stacking the wefts over each other, which will give you more confidence.

Use the Extensions to Curl or Wave Your Hair

The clip-in hair extensions are more natural when they are curled or waved with your hair. This is particularly important for those with thick or short hair or if the color match between your hair and extensions isn’t perfect. If you have a blunt cut, don’t wear your extensions straight. Instead, curl your extensions and take the ends of your natural hair. This will allow your extensions to flow seamlessly with your hair.

Braid and pin the bottom layer

The shortest layers of your hair that are visible when you have a hair extension are the ones that show. To solve this problem, you can section your hair at the middle of each ear and braid it. Braids will conceal visible hair parts and hide a lot of your blunt cut. The wefts will be used as the base of your hair because the braid will have the wefts pinned on top.

Get Higher

Clip-in hair extensions for short hair should be hidden as much as possible. This means that extensions will be higher up on your head. This is a good thing as it adds natural elegance to your appearance. Do not hesitate to clip the extensions until they reach the top of the head.

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