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How to do the bikini operation

Prepare your body for summer with the operation bikini. This advertising claim that more and more brands use to promote a healthy and low-fat life has

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Prepare your body for summer with the operation bikini. This advertising claim that more and more brands use to promote a healthy and low-fat life has become a phenomenon that comes into our lives every spring. The “bikini operation” is a method of healthy living that has a clear objective: to prepare the body for the summer. Both it may be that they want to lose a few kilos caught in winter or that they seek to sculpt the body and prepare it to be able to show it off to the fullest on the beach or the pool. In this Be Special Lady article, we are going to tell you how to do bikini operation so that you understand exactly what it consists of as well as the best way to achieve a 10 body for good weather.

Modify eating habits

The first objective of operation bikini is to improve the appearance of your body to prepare it for the bikini so it will be essential that we look at ourselves and assess if we have gained weight in winter in order to start working to lose those extra pounds. To do this, we must review our eating habits and begin to eliminate sweets, fats and fried foods and opt for healthy, low-fat nutrition that helps us lose weight.

If we have gained a lot of weight, then it is advisable to follow a weight loss diet that you follow for 2 or 3 months and that will help you burn the stored fat that you have in the body. For this there are many diets that you can do and whose results are very visible but, yes, at Be Special Lady we recommend that before making changes to your eating habits you consult with an expert so that I can advise you and design a tailored diet plan.

Diets for the bikini operation

Anyway, you should know that there are many diets designed to lose weight. and that promote healthy lifestyles that are very beneficial for the body. Although the bikini operation is conceived with a shocking plan designed to prepare the body for good weather, the truth is that we should consider it as a time to learn new healthy lifestyle habits that you not only have to follow 2 months a year but that you would have to try to maintain throughout life.

One of the most popular methods today is the detox diet, a detoxifying diet that is designed to cleanse the body to the maximum. You should take it as a punctual diet that you can follow 1 week a month to purify your body and fill it with essential nutrients and vitamins thanks to the contribution of fruits and vegetables. At Be Special Lady we tell you how to do the detox diet so that you can value it if you want to introduce it into your life.

The dissociated diet, is another good alternative

But this is not the only diet that you can follow if you won’t do the bikini operation fact, there are many more. The dissociated diet, for example, is also one of the most demanded methods because it allows the person who follows it to eat whatever they want (yes, always healthy and low-fat foods, avoiding sweets, fried foods and more greasy).

The only rule in this planning is that some specific foods are not mixed because it is considered that our digestive system is saturated and, therefore, they cannot be metabolized, being relegated as saturated fat. In general, proteins should never be mixed with carbohydrates in order to favour better nutritional assimilation, therefore, sandwiches, pizzas or macaroni and cheese are totally banished from this method. If you want to know more, we invite you to read our article on how to do the dissociated diet.

Rules to do the bikini operation successfully

As you can see, there are many diets that you can follow to lose the weight you have gained during the winter and, thus, ensure that when you put on your bikini you feel satisfied with your body. Anyway, You don’t have to go on a diet. concrete but it may be enough that you bet on a healthy diet based on nutritious and low-fat foods that will help you lose weight. Next, we are going to give you the basic premises that you must follow to lose weight without dieting:

eat 5 times a day

It is very important that distribute your meals in 5 shots a day to reduce your appetite between meals and thus avoid arriving at the main meals too hungry, which will make you eat more than you really should. In addition, by distributing your diet in this way, you will be able to speed up your metabolism by forcing it to work for more hours of the day. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, eat 5 times and, above all, never leave out breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

light recipes

You should also banish too greasy or high-calorie dishes from your diet, such as, for example, French fries, battered or buns, and opt for much healthier foods that do not contain as many calories. Vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fish, legumes or carbohydrates They can be part of your diet perfectly but, yes, always cooked lightly: grilled, boiled, baked, steamed, etc. Sauces and excess oil should be relegated to the background.

beware of dinner

Eating a lot of dinners or very greasy food is totally counterproductive if what you want is to lose weight. Think that your body prepares to rest and its operation slows down, causing some calories to not be used as energy and end up accumulating in the body in the form of saturated fat. For this reason, high-energy foods such as carbohydrates should NOT be taken at night, nor should fruits because they are rich in sugars; the best thing for this time is to opt for healthy vegetables and proteins. At Be Special Lady we tell you how to make light dinners.

The importance of exercise

By following a diet or changing the way you eat, your body will have to go to the fat reserves it has accumulated so that you can continue with your day without being tired or fatigued. The body works as a car and the calories we take in are its fuel, if we don’t add enough calories we make it have to go to the reserve to be able to function. So by limiting our caloric intake we make the body burn fat naturally and, therefore, let’s see the results on the scale.

But there is a much faster way to burn fat and see results in less time: exercise. The sport will not only help you achieve the body you want with the bikini operation, but it is also a more than healthy practice for the health of your bones, your muscles, and all your internal organs, as it activates blood circulation.

How to train to lose weight and get in shape

Physical exercise will allow you to lose weight and, thus, manage to lose the kilos that you had gained, but it will also help you tone your body and make it look much more attractive, smooth and smooth, leaving behind sagging and fat accumulations. Therefore, for your visits to the gym or your training to be totally effective, it is essential that you do both cardiovascular exercise (designed to burn calories immediately) as well as toning exercises that will help you sculpt the body and convert the clusters of localized fat into muscle mass, thus improving your figure.

It is best to consult with a personal trainer who will make you some special guidelines for you and for the goals you want to achieve, in this way, you will have personalized planning that can be changed as your body improves. Anyway, you should know that a training session should be divided as follows:

  • 5-minute warm-up
  • 25 minutes of toning exercises (weights, squats, etc.)
  • 45 minutes of cardio (running, swimming, biking, doing an aerobics class, etc.)
  • 10 minutes of stretching

At Be Special Lady we tell you in detail how to do a fat-burning workout where you’ll find some suggestions for exercises that you can include in your routine.

Aesthetic treatments that will improve your silhouette

In addition to these healthy practices, to do the bikini operation and improve your body in record time, you should know that there are some reducing treatments that you can start doing and, thus, you will be able to see how your appearance is improving and in summer you are ready to stay in a bikini. Here are the most effective ones:


It is a treatment designed to treat cellulite located in areas such as the hips, buttocks, thighs, etc. About 20 sessions per area are usually needed to see results, but the truth is that when you finish you see how your body has improved considerably and your skin is smoother and smoother without the hated orange peel skin. At Be Special Lady we tell you how cavitation works.


this treatment relies on cold in order to lose fat. It is a much faster method than the previous one and is intended to freeze the adipose cells, causing you to eliminate them through natural channels (sweat or urine) and, therefore, over time you will see how your body is sculpting and improving. Of course: it is essential to follow a diet and exercise so that the results are more lasting. At Be Special Lady we also explain what cryolipolysis is like so that you understand how this method works.

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