How to ELIMINATE subcutaneous and visceral FAT EFFECTIVELY

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How to ELIMINATE subcutaneous and visceral FAT EFFECTIVELY

Many people are often concerned about the fat accumulation on your body for aesthetic reasons. However, before aesthetics, the most important

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Many people are often concerned about the fat accumulation on your body for aesthetic reasons. However, before aesthetics, the most important thing we should take into account when it comes to fat accumulation is our health.

In this sense, subcutaneous fat, along with visceral fat, is one of the most complicated to eliminate, since it extends over various parts of the body and, to eliminate it, it is necessary to reduce it as a whole. However, there are certain tricks and tips that will undoubtedly help you achieve remove stubborn fat. If you want to know how to remove subcutaneous fat, keep reading aHOWTO. We tell you what you should do and, above all, what you should stop doing to lose weight easily and quickly.

Subcutaneous fat and visceral fat

Subcutaneous fat is the fat that accumulates just under the skin. It is the fat that gives our body a soft appearance and, the more it accumulates, the softer or “flabby” we will seem to be. This makes it a considerably fat unsightly. On the other hand, the so-called visceral fat It is the one that accumulates below the muscles, specifically, between the viscera. This fat, although it cannot be directly palpated as it happens with subcutaneous fat, is actually much more dangerous, since it directly affects the internal organs, so its implications for our health are even greater.

How to burn stubborn fat

One of the first things we need to keep in mind is that when we ask ourselves how to burn stubborn fatwe will have to do it as a whole. In other words, fat cannot be removed by zones (unless it is done through surgery or invasive artificial treatments). For this reason, it is not possible to eliminate subcutaneous fat in a concrete way, but it will be necessary to take a series of measures that will help us burn resistant fat as a whole, which will manifest itself as a reduction in subcutaneous fat and visceral fat of our entire body.

Tips on exercises to eliminate subcutaneous fat

One of the first aspects that we must take into account when it comes to eliminating resistant fat, whether it is subcutaneous fat or any other type, is that the body’s natural way of eliminating fat is by “burning” it. In other words, fat is fuel that our body consumes to stay alive and provide Energy to the organs and tissues of our body.

Therefore, one of the first aspects to take into account when burning resistant fat is that daily physical activity is necessary. In this sense, it is more important that it be done on a daily and continuous basis than that it be done in sessions of great intensity but occasionally.

Regarding the type of exercise that will allow us to burn fat, aerobic exercises such as swimming, running or dancing are perfect for this function. However, it is also important not to neglect strength exercises, that is, those aimed at gaining muscle mass. By having more muscle mass, our basal metabolism increases, which means that, while at rest, our body will consume more calories.

For remove subcutaneous fat it is essential that we perform aerobic and strength exercise, and that we do it every day. It is preferable to do it only half an hour a day than to do it once a week for two hours in a row. Be consistent and you will achieve your goals.

Diet tips to eliminate subcutaneous and visceral fat

On the other hand, although daily exercise is a fundamental part of eliminating subcutaneous fat and that of any other part of the body, we cannot leave food aside. Everything we eat influences our body and, if we eat in an inadvisable way, the accumulation of fat will be greater. One of the things that we must take into account is that, only with exercise, we are not going to be able to burn the resistant fat of our body. That is, it will be necessary to carry out a hypocaloric diet that reduces calorie intake and that, in combination with exercise, allows us to eliminate excess fat.

There are many hypocaloric diets available. However, the most advisable thing if you really want results is to go to the consultation of a nutritionist-dietician to evaluate your particular case and design a personalized hypocaloric diet. Without a doubt, it is a somewhat more expensive option, but the results will be much more visible and long-lasting. In addition, going to a professional will help you learn to eat healthy and in a balanced way, two important elements that are usually behind problems such as being overweight or obese.

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