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How to have skinny legs

Getting to have slim legs is not always easy for most women because it is one of the areas where the most fat tends to accumulate, especially

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Getting to have slim legs is not always easy for most women because it is one of the areas where the most fat tends to accumulate, especially in the thighs. The main reason is the fact of being a woman, because they are fats that are deposited as reserves to guarantee the reproduction process and protect the pregnancy. A function that is no longer so necessary today because, fortunately, women can follow a balanced diet and there are no periods of food scarcity as in the past, but our body still maintains this reserve accumulation.

The accumulation of fat, however, is not the only factor that makes it difficult to have slim legs. Fluid retention also contributes to feeling thicker and heavier, as does poor blood circulation. In aHOWTO, we are going to give you the keys and explain how to have skinny legs.

Goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle to have thin legs

To have slim legs, one of the best measures is to be in movement. It is convenient not follow a sedentary life and not spending many hours sitting down, as it facilitates the accumulation of fat. Every day it is advisable to do some type of physical or sports activity. But not all of them are equally useful for getting slim legs, because there are sports with which muscle mass is increased and, therefore, volume is gained. Consequently, the goal will not be achieved and the legs will look thicker.

Among the best exercises are all aerobic exercises, but don’t overwork the muscle. For example, a good option is fast walking to burn fat and maintenance exercises, which can be done at home or in the gym (without weights) or in the water. It is also highly recommended the Yogain any of its modalities, pilates or stretching exercises because the muscle is worked for greater firmness, but without gaining volume.

Running is not recommended because the muscles are marked much more, nor are toning exercises in the gym’s machine room. To lose weight in the legs, you should also say goodbye to stepping, kick boxing or spinning, among others, because you also run the risk of gaining volume due to the greater definition of the muscles. All these exercises can be done once the volume of the legs that we want has been lost, but not before.

Eliminate fats from your diet

Delegated legs are also achieved by following a proper nutrition. It is evident that you can’t eat fats, except healthy ones, and that you have to be careful with foods that have a high glycemic index, due to the effect they generate on the body when there are increases in blood sugar or glucose, which encourage you to be hungrier and eat more. In addition, if you have a tendency to gain weight, that sugar that you take, even if it is naturally in food, will cost more to burn. If this is not achieved, the accumulation of fat will be facilitated.

Drink plenty of fluids to have slim legs

Drinking water is also important. The recommended daily amount is two liters of water daily about. In addition, it is very beneficial to drink infusions that help burn fat and that are also diuretic infusionsto thus attack in turn the problem of fluid retention.

These properties are found in green tea, matcha tea, red tea, rooibos and horsetail. The advantage is that you can drink them hot in winter and with ice in summer, being a very refreshing drink. On the contrary, say goodbye to alcohol, which is one of the great enemies of thin legs, because it results in sugar in the body, as well as to all soft drinks and juices that are not natural due to their high levels of sugar. .

Compression stockings for slimming legs

The compression socks are good allies to have thin legs because they help prevent swelling and circulatory problemswhich in turn favor fluid retention and fat accumulation, thus creating a circle that is often difficult to break.

The most recommended thing is that the stockings are worn throughout the day, especially in those cases in which for professional reasons you have to spend a lot of time standing or sitting. It is important to choose the compression level well so as not to overdo it. It is best to consult with professionals or with the doctor to prescribe the most suitable.

Reducing massages for beautiful legs

Another measure to attack the three problems that make it difficult to have thin legs are the reducing massages or lymphatic drainage. It is not necessary to go to an aesthetic or beauty center, since you can do them at home, although not as well or completely as in a specialized center, and it is also a good time to apply some anti-cellulite and draining cream. The application of the cream with reducing massage always has to be done with circular movements, making slight pressure on the leg, and in an upward direction. That is, from the ankle to the thighs. The best time is at night to help eliminate the accumulation of fluids from the day and reduce swelling in the legs.

These five tips will help you have slim legs, but as long as you are consistent. Do you dare to try them?

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