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How to lose belly and waist

Do you want to lose your belly and waist? Then you should start to change your habits, bet on a balanced diet, and exercise to burn the accumulated fa

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Do you want to lose your belly and waist? Then you should start to change your habits, bet on a balanced diet, and exercise to burn the accumulated fat in your body. But besides this, there are also some home remedies to lose belly and waist that take advantage of the properties of some supplements or foods and that will help us lose kilos more quickly.

It should be noted that all these remedies that we will provide you with are of no use if you do not accompany them with a healthy diet but, if this is your case, incorporating some of these methods will speed up your weight loss and achieve visible effects in a short time. In this Be Special Lady article, we offer you the best home remedies to reduce your belly and shape your waist, pay attention!

Water with lemon

If you want to lose belly and waist, in addition to following a healthy and low-fat diet, you can help yourself with some slimming properties of natural products that you normally have at home. This is the case of lemon, a citrus fruit that is ideal to help us lose weight because it has ideal properties for this function: speed up metabolism due to the ascorbic acid it contains and, in addition, absorbs fat better preventing it from being accumulated in the body as saturated fat.

Lemon is also a perfect ingredient to purify the body to the maximum since it acts as a natural diuretic, so we will achieve a toxin-free body and eliminate the retention of accumulated liquids, that is, we will reduce cellulite. To prepare this home remedy to lose belly and waist you will only need:



  • Mix the lemon juice with the water in the indicated proportions.
  • Drink a glass every morning, if possible, with warm water in order to also take advantage of the benefits of drinking it that way.
  • If you don’t like the taste too much, we recommend that you add a little sweetener or stevia to improve it.

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Juice to lose belly and waist

Another of the best remedies to lose belly and waist is to prepare a natural juice with foods that manage to boost fat loss naturally. To do this, we are going to offer you a drink that has foods such as pineapple and flaxseed as they are suitable for removing retained fluids satisfying our appetite and burning stored fat. You will need to:


  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 slice of pineapple
  • 1 tablespoon flaxseed
  • The juice of 1 lemon


  • To make this juice you just have to put all the ingredients in a blender and grind it to get a homogeneous juice.
  • Later, you can strain the drink to keep only the most liquid part of it, but at Be Special Lady we recommend that, if you don’t mind tripping, you don’t strain it to better take advantage of all its benefits.
  • Take this natural juice every day when you wake up for 2 weeks and you will see how your weight loss is much more effective. Of course: it should always be accompanied by an exercise routine and a healthy diet because, otherwise, you will not see benefits because bad habits will counteract them.

In this Be Special Lady article, we tell you how to lose weight with flaxseed so that you know the multiple properties that this food gives you and how you can take it to lose belly. In addition, in this other article, we offer you more Juices to lose weight in the abdomen and waist.

Celery soup to burn fat

another one of the best home remedies to lose belly and waist is to prepare a soup with celery because this vegetable is ideal to help us eliminate body fat since it has very few calories, a lot of fiber (and, therefore, is very satiating) and is mostly made up of water, so it is very purifying.

There are many ways to take celery to lose weight like, for example, including it in your salads, in your vegetable dishes, etc., but one of the most effective ways is to prepare a broth with this vegetable that, in addition, will increase its purifying effect by being mixed with more water. To make this recipe you will need:


  • 6 sticks of celery
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 onion
  • Pepper to taste (optional)
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 bay leaf
  • It is optional to include other vegetables such as carrot or zucchini


  • To make this recipe you will only have to clean and cut the vegetables.
  • Put a large pot of water on the fire.
  • Put the ingredients in the large pot and let them simmer for an hour.
  • If you want the dish to be more palatable, we recommend that you add a vegetable stock tablet to the water and, thus, you will achieve a more intense and delicious flavor.

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Green tea to lose belly

Among the best infusions to lose abdominal fat we highlight green tea for being one of the most popular and used all over the world. In fact, this infusion or tea has become popular all over the world thanks to the fact that it manages to increase daily caloric expenditure, speed up metabolism and act as a diuretic, therefore, giving us three benefits that are optimal to lose accumulated fat.

Thanks to its diuretic effect, green tea is ideal for purifying the body, eliminating toxins, and also reducing fluid retention, improving the skin, and reducing cellulite. For this, what is recommended is that they take 2 or 3 glasses of green tea a day (never more than 3) and, little by little and together with a healthy lifestyle, you will begin to see visible results.

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artichoke water to burn fat

within the best foods to lose fat we highlight the artichokes because it is a vegetable that provides very few calories but is very rich in fiber and, therefore, manages to significantly satisfy our appetite naturally.

So, if you want to lose belly and waist, you only have to add this vegetable to your diet or, also, prepare a perfect drink to achieve our goal: artichoke water. It is a very purifying and satiating drink that will help you lose weight and show off a slimmer and firmer body. For this you will need:


  • 2 artichokes
  • 1 liter and a half of water
  • Juice of 1 lemon


  • The first thing we will have to do is put a pot of water to boil.
  • Meanwhile, we will peel the artichokes to keep only their hearts and remove the toughest leaves.
  • Let them cook for 20 minutes.
  • Strain to keep only the liquid.
  • Next, add the lemon juice and drink this drink before every meal.

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Ginger to lose belly

Ginger is also a great ally to help us lose waist and belly and thus achieve a slimmer and more defined body. The reason is that ginger root has fat-burning properties what do they get speed up metabolism and, therefore, makes our body burn more calories daily without doing much more activity. In addition, this medicinal plant is also anti-inflammatory and, therefore, will help you achieve a flat stomach and dissipate gas or bloating.

The best way to take advantage of the properties of ginger is by preparing an infusion with this root; In this way, we will be able to take its benefits daily and we will ensure that the body assimilates them correctly. If you don’t like this drink alone, you can add lemon and cinnamon and you can also sprinkle ginger on your kitchen dishes.

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Exercises to lose belly and waist

To promote the loss of abdominal fat, not only do you have to eat better and include fat-burning and purifying ingredients, but you also have to increase physical activity to burn more calories. Between the best exercises to lose belly fat is it so:

  • The abdominals, both upper and lower, and oblique (the latter with leg raises).
  • The horizontal and lateral plates or planks.
  • Cardio, like jumping jacks and dance in general, but for this case belly dancing is ideal.

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