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How to lose belly fast

get a flat stomach soon! Sometimes we tend to accumulate fat in the belly area making our torso look flaccid and less smooth. This happens because we

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get a flat stomach soon! Sometimes we tend to accumulate fat in the belly area making our torso look flaccid and less smooth. This happens because we follow lifestyle habits that make our abdomen swell and the fat stays stored in the belly. But by making a few simple changes you can sculpt your body and feel comfortable with your appearance again. In this Be Special Lady article, we tell you how to lose belly fast giving you some tips that will help you achieve your goal in record time. Do you dare to try it?

The first thing you have to do to get lose belly fat is to increase the consumption of water in your diet so that your body eliminates liquids naturally, purifies the body and eliminates the toxins that accumulate daily. It is recommended to take 2 litres of water a day to get your body in optimal health conditions, in addition to making your belly less swollen and appear smoother.

Similarly, it is also recommended that you include in your diet diuretic foods that will achieve the same goal: make you eliminate toxins naturally, prevent fluid retention and help you reduce cellulite. In this Be Special Lady article, we will discover natural diuretics for you to include in your daily diet.

It is also essential that change your diet and opt for a healthy alternative and low fat Keep in mind that your body uses calories from food as fuel and if they are not used, they end up accumulating in the body in the form of saturated fat. Therefore, it is best to eat low-calorie dishes that are cooked lightly (that is, without much oil or sauces and using techniques such as grilling, oven or boiling).

In general, in order to lose belly fat you will have to follow these dietary guidelines:

  • diet rich in fruits and vegetables: they are ingredients that contain many nutrients, fibre and vitamins without having hardly any calories. Therefore, they are the best allies to eat healthily without gaining weight.
  • Increase the healthy proteins: lean meats and whitefish are the best options to be properly nourished without ingesting too much fat in your body. Proteins provide large amounts of energy to our body with few calories.
  • Reduce carbohydrates: bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc., are ingredients that have to be in your diet but that have to be taken in a controlled way and, always, made with wholemeal flour. Those that are white hardly contain nutrients and do contain a lot of sugar.
  • light dinners: It is important that you watch what you eat at the end of the day because your body is not going to burn it and if they are hearty dishes they will end up being converted into saturated fat. At Be Special Lady we discover the best foods for dinner.
  • No soft drinks or carbonated drinks Well, in addition to containing a lot of sugar, the gas also swells the belly, making it appear larger and bulkier.

It is also recommended that you choose foods with little salt or sodium. Why? Because the more salt you take, the more water will be retained in your body, thus creating the appearance of cellulite, fluid retention and swelling in the abdomen. Therefore, if you want to show off a flat stomach, it is best that you choose to season your dishes with natural spices and leave salt aside. In this article, we give you some tips about eating without salt.

It is also recommended that distribute your meals in several shots a day to avoid eating large amounts during the main meals of the day (lunch and dinner). If you only distribute your diet in 3 meals a day, you make your body hungry both at noon and at night and this causes several things:

  • That you eat with anxiety and, therefore, eat more food.
  • That after eating you have a bloated stomach.
  • That you do not digest well by oversaturating your body.
  • That you go hungry during the day and are tempted to snack between meals (and the anxiety to eat will lead to that snacking being unhealthy).
  • That your metabolism works only 3 times a day, thus making its speed slow and heavy.

For all this, it is vitally important that eat 5 or 6 times a day, small portions of food that are low in fat. You will achieve better digestion in addition to speeding up your metabolism.

And, obviously, if you want to lose your belly fat, it is important that you exercise so that you can burn the accumulated fat and tone the muscles in the area. Without sport, you will hardly be able to achieve your goal, so get going!

Among the best exercises to lose belly highlight the following:

  • Cardiovascular: a good workout has to combine cardiovascular exercise with strength. To get to burn belly fat it is important that you do between 20 to 40 minutes of cycling, running, elliptical, etc.
  • toning: the best way to get a flat stomach is to do sit-ups since it is the specific exercise to work the muscles in the area. For the result to be perfect, you will have to work both the upper and lower ones and the obliques. In this article we discover the exercises to eliminate fat from the belly.
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