How to lose belly fat – 5 steps

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How to lose belly fat – 5 steps

Say goodbye to the belly! It is one of the most difficult areas to reduce but not impossible! Both men and women tend to accumulate excess fat in the

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Say goodbye to the belly! It is one of the most difficult areas to reduce but not impossible! Both men and women tend to accumulate excess fat in the belly and, therefore, it is very common for us to look for some solutions that help us reduce this area and be able to show off a smooth and enviable belly. Following a healthy diet and exercising is essential to be able to reduce localized fat, but there are also some tricks that can help you achieve your goal and in this Be Special Lady article we are going to discover them for you. Keep reading and you will find out how to lose belly with simple changes in your lifestyle.

Steps to lose belly fat :

Step one

It is evident that If you want to lose your belly you will have to modify your diet and bet on guidelines that are healthier, thus reducing the excess of greasy foods that end up stored in your body. Therefore, betting on a balanced, nutritious, and low-fat diet is one of the essential points to be able to eliminate the love handles. But, in addition to this, you should know a secret: there are some foods that help you lose belly. Do you want to know what they are? Here we discover them:

Foods with Omega 3

Options such as salmon, shellfish or eggs are rich in this fatty acid that is optimal for losing belly fat. The reason is that they provide us with interesting antioxidants that contribute to the purification of the body and, therefore, help to get rid of accumulated fat by promoting its elimination naturally, therefore, it is recommended that you take ingredients of this type twice a week.


Is one of the best fruits to help us lose weight since it helps our blood to cleanse itself of excess fat, getting our body to do so too. Eating tomatoes causes the metabolism to speed up and, therefore, more calories are consumed during the day, forcing our body to go to saturated fat reserves in order to function.


These fruits are rich in fiber, a perfect component for absorbing fats and the sugars in our body, promoting their elimination by natural means. Strawberries, cherries, and blackberries are the ones that contain a greater amount and, therefore, the most recommended to incorporate daily in your weight loss plan.

In this other Be Special Lady article, we give you a list of foods that help you lose weight.

Step two

Just as there are some foods that are favorable to help us lower the belly, there are others that are totally discouraged because they contribute to making the belly more swollen as well as storing fat in certain parts of the body, such as the belly. We will give you a list of that food that is better than stopping consumption to remove the belly.

refined foods

Products that are industrially refined lose most of the nutrients in this process and, in addition, usually incorporate multiple additives such as sugars, fats, preservatives, etc. For this reason, it is recommended that products such as white bread, industrial pastries or prepared food cease to be part of your diet; In the case of carbohydrates, all you have to do is replace them with their whole-grain versions to provide your body with extra fiber.

sweet and sugary

They are also refined but we will mention them independently because it is important that they are limited as much as possible. Both buns and cakes or cookies should be eaten very occasionally since they contain high levels of sugar but, in addition, they are also rich in trans fats, a strong enemy of our health. In this Be Special Lady article, we tell you what trans fats are and why they should not be consumed.

salty snacks

But it’s not just sweets that contribute to belly fat, but salty ones too, such as chips, trail mix, breadsticks, and so on. They have very high amounts of salt but, in addition, they are also full of trans fats that are stored in the body in the form of fat cells.

Alcoholic drinks

Another enemy of our silhouette is alcohol, a drink full of toxins and calories that also contribute to fluid retention, making our belly appear more swollen and our skin prone to cellulite.

Step 3

To reduce the gut It will also be essential that we work to eliminate accumulated fat and, for this, there is only one way: by exercising. By sweating, burning calories, and strengthening your muscles you will be able to eliminate the fat in your body and, thus, better sculpt your figure. To do this, you must exercise at least 3 times a week, including exercises such as the following:


Running, swimming, doing the elliptical or cycling are some of the cardiovascular exercises that you can do and that will help you burn calories and, therefore, to force your body to go to fat reserves so that it can meet the energy demands that you are asking for. During a training day (days of 1 hour and 15 minutes) you must dedicate 30 to 45 minutes to this type of exercise in order to lose belly.


If your idea is to lower the belly nothing better like exercise the muscles of the abdominal area to thus convert fat into muscle mass and reduce localized fat. It is essential that in your training you also dedicate time to strengthening your body in order to act locally on the accumulations of fat that you want to reduce and, in addition, you will achieve a more sculpted and muscular figure. To do this, you must perform an abdominal routine in which you work all the muscles in the area.

Step 4

Drink 2 liters of water It is also essential to be able to reduce the belly. The reason is that the liquid helps to eliminate fluid retention, purify your body and reduce the swelling of the belly. You can also include some infusions to lower the belly such as, for example, green tea, horsetail, or a cinnamon infusion that will help you purify your body but will also speed up your metabolism, promoting fat loss naturally.

Step 5

There are also some aesthetic medicine techniques that are designed to help us lower the belly and achieve a smoother and more toned torso thanks to the use of different devices that carry out internal work by attacking adipose cells, that is, fat cells. Next, we are going to talk about two of the best techniques to achieve your goal:


It is a technique that acts on a specific area of ​​the body (hips, abdomen, inner thigh, flanks, etc.) freezing fat cells with temperatures ranging from 5ºC below zero to 10ºC. With this technique, it is possible to destroy the adipose cells and promote their natural elimination after days or weeks.

Ultrasonic hydrolipoclasy

It is a somewhat more expensive technique than the previous one, but its results are visible with just 1 session. In this therapy they combine ultrasonic cavitation to be able to eliminate fat cells by diluting them thanks to the rays emitted by the device. In less than 1 hour you can reduce your body by 4 centimeters, achieving a much more stylized and attractive appearance. It is one of the most demanded non-surgical liposuction techniques in recent times.

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