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how to lose weight hip

You have been two months diet, probably the best diet you have ever followed in your life, you walk 40 minutes every day and still when you see yo

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You have been two months diet, probably the best diet you have ever followed in your life, you walk 40 minutes every day and still when you see yourself in the mirror, you cannot get rid of those love handles that line your hips. You’re wide-hipped, but you don’t want to be. You are thin, but with wide hips. What can you do to say goodbye forever to the person responsible for your jeans not fitting you? Simple, read this Be Special Lady article carefully and find out how to lose weight hip.
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Steps to lose weight hip:

Step one

To lose weight hip, you should know that the fat that is concentrated in this part of the body is localized fat. In other words, many times it does not represent excess weight but a poorly distributed accumulation of your body fat that has been concentrated where it is least favourable to you. Therefore, you need to understand that localized fat is not easily eliminated, nor is it combated with a simple diet and long walks.

Step two

The first step to lose weight in the hips is to include in your diet foods that help burn fat. Green tea has many benefits and among them, its ability to burn fat stands out. You can take up to three daily infusions. Adding grapefruit, garlic, chili or ginger to your diet will help your metabolism speed up and start burning the fat located in your hips.

Step three

To lose fat from the hips you must significantly reduce fat intake. You may be on a complete diet, but you need to get rid of the fat so that the body burns the concentrated fat. Therefore, to eliminate fat from the hips, avoid dairy products, sausages and foods with saturated fat and prefer foods with a healthy fat. Remember, one gram of fat is nine calories.

Step Four

The fibre has many benefits how to regulate intestinal transit and absorb fat from the body. Including foods rich in fiber in your diet such as wholemeal bread, lentils, strawberries and cereals such as oatmeal is of great help to lose weight in the hip. Fiber will help lower high levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and just by consuming more than 30 grams a day you can see results.

Step Five

Performing aerobic exercise is very important to lose weight, but when it comes to eliminating localized fat anaerobic exercise It’s fundamental. This type of training is very effective because it exercises through weight and muscle strength, concentrating all your effort on the area you are exercising, which is ideal for slimming your hips. Best of all, after training, your muscles continue to burn fat.

Step 6

A highly recommended anaerobic exercise to lose weight in the hip is weighted squats. This particular workout has the property of concentrating all of its training on the thighs, helping to define us and burn localized fat in the hips. Doing squats is very easy and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Step Seven

If you don’t like training with weights you can opt for increasing your stride when running. When you increase your stride when running, you are working your muscles harder and improving your physical and respiratory capacity. The good news is that the hip muscles are exercised more and therefore burn more fat.

Step eight

A very simple and homemade exercise for losing weight in the hip is making circles with your legs. You just have to lie on your back on a blanket or yoga mat, make sure your body is straight, your arms close to the body and your hips flat on the floor. Once you have the correct posture, you should lift one leg until it is totally straight and start doing circles up to five circles. Then lower your leg, rest, and repeat with the other leg. You can do this exercise five times on each leg.

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