How to lose weight with papaya

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How to lose weight with papaya

Are you thinking of changing your diet to better control your weight? Do you want to introduce foods in your diet that help you get rid of those extra

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Are you thinking of changing your diet to better control your weight? Do you want to introduce foods in your diet that help you get rid of those extra kilos? At Be Special Lady we suggest you make papaya one of your favourite fruits. If you do not understand very well why, keep reading because in the following lines we will explain how to lose weight with papaya, the fruit that has traditionally been known as “the fruit of good health” since its pulp contains papain, an enzyme with great therapeutic benefits. Keep reading and discover how to take advantage of its benefits to lose weight.


when we wonder how to lose weight with papaya we have to refer to its great diuretic power, in other words, this fruit helps us to eliminate liquids and, among other things, to combat cellulite; It also has a significant content of vegetable fibres and is very few calories.

But the main reason why it is optimal to help us lose weight is in the papain, the main component of this fruit that gives us vitamins A, C and B, calcium, iron and phosphorus. It is an enzyme that has a high digestive power because it helps to break down the protein fibres of the meat that we eat and also to neutralize gastric acids and prevent gas formation.

In Be Special Lady we detail the benefits of papaya.

How to take papaya

To detoxify our body and burn fat we can introduce papaya in our diet in many ways: smoothies, juices, raw, etc. A perfect time to take it is at breakfast as it will help us start the day in a healthy way and with enough energy, we can combine this fruit with oatmeal or another cereal. It is the way to take the fibre ration that we need every day.

At lunchtime, we can have papaya in a brown rice salad. Accompanied by tomato, spinach and some olives you can have in your hands a complete and healthy dish to continue the day at 100%.

If you prefer to take it at snack time, a suggestion to know how to lose weight with papaya is to accompany it with pineapple, another fruit with high diuretic power and whose flavour fits perfectly with that of papaya. We can take it in a smoothie or raw, the choice is up to you.

If we want to have it as a light and nutritious dinner, papaya can be the perfect complement for skimmed yogurt. In addition to the pulp, we can also take advantage of the papaya leaves. Boiled and taken as an infusion They help reduce gas production and fight intestinal inflammation.

papaya seeds for weight loss

The papaya seeds help the body not to absorb a large part of the fats, in other words: they act as a regulator. Do not forget that, in any case, the intake of papaya must be accompanied by regular exercise and a healthy diet. In this Be Special Lady article, we gave you some ideas on how to eat a balanced diet.

One of the most usable and beneficial parts of papaya are the seeds since part of its slimming properties are concentrated in them. One way to consume them is by chewing them, although we can also choose to take a blender and put a piece of papaya inside that contains at least 25 or 30 seeds. It is best to take the fasting liquefied and then 30 minutes before each meal of the day.

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