How to lose weight with pressotherapy – Discover this aesthetic and natural medical treatment

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How to lose weight with pressotherapy – Discover this aesthetic and natural medical treatment

Pressotherapy is a new natural therapeutic method, currently widely used in beauty salons, which helps activate circulation through a specialized mass

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Pressotherapy is a new natural therapeutic method, currently widely used in beauty salons, which helps activate circulation through a specialized massage that applies pressure to certain localized areas. Thanks to this beneficial therapy, it is possible to model the body, reduce cellulite and eliminate localized fat.

If you want to bet on a natural aesthetic treatment, in this Be Special Lady article we explain how to lose weight with pressotherapy. Combining this method with a well-balanced diet and the practice of moderate sports, you will be able to improve your shape and figure. Do not miss it!

What is pressotherapy?

Different medical and aesthetic disciplines use pressotherapy as a therapeutic method. It is a treatment that allows you to activate the circulatory system, both the blood and lymphatic. Its main objective is to act as lymphatic drainage, so that it allows you to work in different ways, such as eliminating localized fat, reducing cellulite or relieving circulatory problems such as tired legs or spider veins, among others. In this sense, it should be noted that although it is generally used as an aesthetic treatment, it also has clinical application.

pressotherapy at home

In addition to being able to perform pressotherapy to lose weight in aesthetic clinics, it is now also possible to do it from the comfort of home with a professional machine suitable for use at home, which you can use wherever and whenever you want, so you won’t have to go anywhere. Aesthetic Center. Comfortable, practical, economical and, above all, with guaranteed results.

How does pressotherapy for weight loss work?

Pressotherapy is an easy, fast, healthy, effective and painless technique and its use is very simple: you just have to apply upward air pressure to the body area to be treated (abdomen, legs, arms…), using a pneumatic suit that the patient should be placed in the indicated area.

Through the waves that press the body, the bloodstream will be given the necessary impulse to reactivate it and return to the heart quickly. In this way, controlled pressure is applied according to each patient, thus achieving the sensation of enjoying a relaxing massage that, through localized compression, activates the lymphatic system, which translates into the elimination of toxins. , liquids, lymphoedemas, edemas or varicose veins.

How many pressotherapy sessions are used to lose weight

Pressotherapy sessions last between 30 and 45 minutes and their number will depend on the problem to be treated for each patient. In this way, if your goal is to lose weight, the number of sessions will vary depending on the amount of weight to lose.

By doing a couple of 30-minute pressotherapy sessions a week, you will notice results immediately. Of course, it is advisable to leave between session and session three days of rest, the time necessary to be able to eliminate the fat that is destroyed during the treatment.

Benefits of pressotherapy

The benefits of pressotherapy are varied and can be clinical and aesthetic since this treatment has the power to solve medical circulation problems and, in turn, improve your appearance and shape your figure. Among its beneficial effects, the following stand out:

  • Activate circulation: pressotherapy stimulates the circulatory system with the aim of eliminating toxins and reducing the problems that poor circulation can cause, such as varicose veins, fatigue or heaviness in extremities.
  • Lose weight: if you were wondering if pressotherapy loses weight, the answer is yes. Thanks to lymphatic drainage, toxins are eliminated and, combined with a healthy diet and sports, it is possible to lose weight effectively with pressotherapy.
  • Reduce cellulite: it is a perfect complement to help eliminate cellulite or fat, as well as to tone muscles. Goodbye orange peel skin! Here we give you more tips on How to reduce cellulite.
  • Relax muscles: relieve pain, trauma and contractures. It is a good treatment to combat muscle fatigue.

Pressotherapy allows us to improve our physical appearance, work different muscle areas and reduce circulation problems. For all these reasons, it is a perfect alternative to feel much healthier and look better.

Tips to lose weight with pressotherapy

As we have pointed out, the key to losing weight with pressotherapy is the use of air pressure that helps to massage the body and perform lymphatic drainage. This pressure is supplied through a kind of boots that cover legs, buttocks or other areas to be treated, such as arms and abdomen. Once treatment begins, the wrap is alternately inflated to exert positive pressure on the body. It is a relaxing, painless method without side effects that will allow you to lose fat without realizing it.

Healthy and balanced diet and exercise

For the treatment to be more effective, you must bear in mind that the loss of liquids will not only be achieved through pressotherapy. If you want to lose those extra kilos, you must bet on maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, avoid excesses when eating and perform moderate exercise, such as cycling. Here we explain how many calories I burn on a bicycle.

Likewise, it is advisable to drink enough water (a litre and a half daily) in order to be able to drain properly and contribute to fat loss and cellulite elimination thanks to the power of lymphatic massage.

Cavitation treatment

Likewise, it is highly recommended to carry out the pressotherapy session after a cavitation treatment, which consists of the application of a gel on the oiliest areas of the body, which is spread with a roller.

This movement allows fat nodules to be destroyed and converted into small particles that will be easily removed by pressotherapy. For more information, you can consult this other article on How cavitation works.

Walking after pressotherapy

Another effective tip to lose weight more quickly and help pressotherapy work faster is to take walks after each session. This will allow to eliminate of toxins and drain easily. Conclusion?: positive results in less time.

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