How to make eggplant water to lose weight

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How to make eggplant water to lose weight

Would you like to speed up your weight loss or eliminate more quickly that accumulated fat in the abdominal area? If so, pay attention to this Be Spec

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Would you like to speed up your weight loss or eliminate more quickly that accumulated fat in the abdominal area? If so, pay attention to this Be Special Lady article, as we present a simple but very effective and healthy natural remedy to promote the reduction of measures: eggplant water. In fact, it has been described by many as ‘the miraculous water’, and it is also ideal for purifying the body and freeing it of all those toxins that put your well-being at risk. Read on to find out about how to make eggplant water to lose weight

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Steps to make eggplant water to lose weight:

Step 1

The eggplant water is an excellent ally for, together with a balanced diet and a little physical exercise, to help you maintain your ideal weight, favour the loss of those extra kilos, burn fat and reduce measurements. If you ask yourself: why can eggplant water help you lose weight? Take note of its properties effective for this:

  • The aubergine is very low calorie but high in essential nutrients, and exerts a satiating effect very powerful in the body, so it allows you to reduce your appetite and therefore reduce the amounts of food you usually eat.
  • Eggplant water acts as a powerful natural diuretic something essential to combat fluid retention and other conditions associated with it, such as the formation of cellulite or orange peel skin.
  • They also highlight its properties purifying and detoxifying which allows to eliminate of toxins from the body, regulate intestinal transit and, in addition, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • It is very healthy, it improves blood circulation and protects the proper functioning of the heart thanks to its antioxidant components.

Step Two

The recipe you must follow to make eggplant water for weight loss It is very simple, but first of all you need to gather the following ingredients:

  • 1 medium eggplant
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 litre of mineral water

In addition to these ingredients, you will need a jar in which you can keep the aubergine water and, in this way, consume it on other occasions.

Step Three

First, you have to wash the eggplant very well to remove all the residue present in its shell and remove the stem with a knife. Then slice it and dice it without removing the skin, the pieces can be about 1.5 centimetres thick. Once cut, put the aubergine cubes in the jar.

Step Four

Then you just have to pour the litre of mineral water in the jar to cover all the eggplant and stir a little. Squeeze the lemon to extract all its juice and add it to the pitcher as well. Stir again with a long spoon and place the jug in the fridge. The preparation must remain overnight in the fridge so that the aubergine macerates well and releases all its juice and you can make the most of its properties. The next day, the eggplant water will be very fresh and ready to drink.

Step Five

ideal for losing weight with eggplant water is to drink a glass of it just before the two main meals of the day, that is, before lunch and dinner. With this, you will be able to benefit to the maximum from its satiating effect, the body will absorb fats much better, you will facilitate the digestion of food and, therefore, the elimination of toxins.

Step Six

It is advisable to take the aubergine water in this way for at least seven consecutive days once a month to notice the results and contribute to the weight loss. Of course, do not forget to accompany it with a healthy and low-calorie diet, and some physical exercise, because when it comes to losing weight there are no miraculous remedies and without these two measures it will be practically impossible to eliminate fat and lose weight. In the following articles, you can find good examples of cleansing diets very effective to fight against extra kilos:

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