Infusions to reduce abdominal fat

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Infusions to reduce abdominal fat

There is no doubt that one of the areas of the body that tends to accumulate more fat is The abdomen, also being one of the most difficult to eliminat

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There is no doubt that one of the areas of the body that tends to accumulate more fat is The abdomen, also being one of the most difficult to eliminate. A healthy diet and a regular physical exercise program are essential to get rid of those love handles on your belly and to tone up the muscles in your abdominal area, but if you also want to add extra help to this, pay attention to the following Be Special Lady article. We show you a list of the best infusions to reduce abdominal fat good natural supplements that will help you in the tedious task of reducing measures.

Infusions to reduce abdominal fat

1. Lemon infusion

Lemon is an excellent citrus fruit for belly fat burning because it helps speed up metabolism and, thanks to its ascorbic acid content, it allows the body to absorb fat from food much better, avoiding its accumulation. In addition, it stands out for being a diuretic, which favours the detoxification of the body and prevents conditions such as fluid retention, the main cause of cellulite formation in areas such as the abdomen.

To prepare a lemon infusion, you just have to mix the juice of 3 lemons with a glass of water and drink it preferably in the morning as soon as you get up. It is not recommended that you add sugar to sweeten it, instead, you can add a little stevia or sweetener. If you want to know how to take advantage of all the properties of this fruit to lose weight, then do not miss the article How to lose weight with lemon.

2. Green Tea

It has become a very popular drink, especially for its powerful antioxidant effect, but it also happens to be one of the best infusions to reduce abdominal fat. Mainly this property is due to three specific benefits: it helps to spend more energy, which means greater fat burning; speeds up metabolism offering a slimming effect; and it is diuretic, so it favours the elimination of toxins, accumulated liquids and reduces the swelling of the belly.

It is best to consume three cups of green tea a day (not exceeding this amount) just half an hour after the meal so that fat burning is more effective. You must bear in mind that this infusion is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, hypertensive people and if they suffer from digestive diseases.

3. Blueberry infusion

Various studies have revealed that these berries, in addition to being very beneficial for health in general, have the ability to stimulate the fat-burning body, including the abdominal area. It has also been pointed out that an infusion of blueberries balances blood sugar levels, making it very healthy for the cardiovascular system.

If you want to make the blueberry infusion at home, you must add 3 tablespoons of blueberries in 1/4 litre of water and cook for at least 10 minutes. Then, strain the liquid obtained and once it is cold, you can consume it.

4. Sage and laurel infusion

both floors improve intestinal transit and the process of digestion, preventing the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and swelling of the belly. They are also diuretics, so they will leave your body free of toxins and all those leftover substances that harm your health.

The ingredients you need to make this infusion are 5 bay leaves, 5 sage leaves, 1 litre of water and 1 cinnamon stick. Add the bay leaf, sage, and cinnamon stick to a pot of boiling water, let sit for 15 minutes, then strain the liquid before serving. You can consume this infusion completely fasting for 5 days in a row to notice the results.

5. Red tea

More and more red tea is being included in diets to lose weight and reduce measures, and this infusion allows burn more fat because it speeds up metabolism and stimulates kidney and liver function, something that facilitates the elimination of unnecessary fluids from the body. Take two cups a day of this infusion after a meal and you will see how reducing abdominal fat is not such a difficult challenge, but you should combine the consumption of these infusions with a balanced, hypocaloric diet and a good physical exercise routine, since Otherwise, perceiving the results in your body will be practically impossible.

Do not forget to tone the area with the Exercises to have a flat stomach that we indicate in this article.

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