Top 6 Truths About Hair Extensions

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Top 6 Truths About Hair Extensions

Over the years, hair extensions have grown in popularity as more and more beauty enthusiasts take to social media to share their ideas. Although exten

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Over the years, hair extensions have grown in popularity as more and more beauty enthusiasts take to social media to share their ideas. Although extensions are an integral part of hair styling, they are often misunderstood.

We have learned over the years to give proper guidance and support to new or first-time hair extensions users. be special lady is big on education so here’s a list of six things we think are important. The truly curious You should be knowledgeable about hair extensions.

1. Volume and length go hand-in-hand

You can’t have both. This rings true when it comes to hair extensions.

Imagine someone with shoulder-length hair. Imagine a person with shoulder-length hair. Now, imagine a single strand 22-inch extension hanging from their shoulders. This is a rat tail. Imagine if they had 20 extensions attached to their heads. It will make the hair look longer. But it’s not complete. A single pack of extensions is not enough to cover a complete head.

To achieve length, you need a complete set of extensions. These are the packs that we recommend starting with:

Tape-Ins Four to six packs
I-Link and Kera-Link. Flat-Tip Five to eight packs

It is a rule of thumb that thicker hair will require more volume. If you want longer hair, be prepared to accept volume. This brings us to the next point…

2. Hair extensions add a little extra weight

It’s a fact that can’t be ignored. The added weight, especially when professional methods are being applied for the first-time, can feel a little strange.

Although most people will adjust quickly to this, it may feel like your hair is pulled up in a ponytail or tight bun all day. For first-timers, this can sometimes cause temporary discomfort.

3. It’s not cheap to get high-quality, professional hair

You may need to buy more hair extensions if you want longer locks. This can cost you a few hundred dollars. You need to make sure that you are getting good value for your money when you buy quality extensions.

be special lady is a proud brand that stands for high quality and affordable prices. We use 100% Remy hair, 100% human.

4. While we take great care in sourcing and producing the best hair possible (see #3), their longevity is entirely dependent on how well they are cared for.

Extensions are usually meant to last for six months, although some people claim they can last longer. This requires special care. Haircare is important for ensuring that your hair has a healthy and long life. This includes brushing well, using the correct products, and applying extension-friendly styling techniques.

While we can’t give you all the tips, this could be a great resource.

5. DIY can be fun, but it’s not recommended

Our Ready to Wear extensions make it easy to install and allow for style changes without commitment. Our professional methods are more complicated than that. While there will always be some hair-dressers who do an excellent job installing the hair, they are not the norm.

We see this time and again as a major reason for dissatisfaction with extensions. These services are offered by professional stylists who have been certified and trained to use various professional methods. Extensions can be a significant investment. Let a professional do the job.

Be Special Lady also offers Hair Insurance to protect your investment in case of a bad color job or a cut booboo.

6. 6. The Truth About Removing Extensions

It may feel strange to have your hair so thin after you get hair extensions. It is possible to wonder if your hair looks thinner than it did before you had extensions.

It’s a normal thought. Don’t worry. It’s normal to have more volume. We’ve also seen many women freak out after their extensions were removed because their hair is shedding like mad. Do not panic. It’s perfectly normal.

The truth is that your hair naturally sheds every day. The hair that would naturally fall out of extensions stays with them, whether it’s sealed between the tape-in weavets, in the bead or fused with the keralink bond. When it is time to take them out, the little strands are freed from the bonds.

They may take several days to fully emerge, so don’t panic if you feel the hair fall out after removing your extensions.

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