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Tricks to burn fat – 9 steps

Want to burn fat faster? There are some tricks that we can carry out in our routine that will make us burn calories more quickly and effectively. If y

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Want to burn fat faster? There are some tricks that we can carry out in our routine that will make us burn calories more quickly and effectively. If you are dieting and exercising but are not satisfied with the rate of weight loss, you can incorporate these tricks to burn fat that we propose from Be Special Lady. They are simple lifestyle habits that help your body speed up metabolism or use the accumulated fat deposits that it stores in the body. Take note and lose weight faster with these tips.

Steps to burn fat:

1. A protein diet

It is essential that if you won’t burn more fat opt for a diet where the main nutrient is protein; In the case of meat, it is recommended that you leave aside fatty meats such as pork and choose to consume lean meats (chicken, rabbit, turkey, etc.) that contain very few calories and are perfect for keeping fit. In the case of fish, it is recommended that you opt for white fish since they contain less fatty oils and, therefore, fewer calories.

The eggs, On the other hand, are a rich source of protein but to eliminate excess calories it is recommended that you eat only the white of the egg; the yolk you can set aside and cook without it.

2. Limit carbohydrate intake

Limit carbohydrate intake. What about carbohydrates? They are a type of food that generates insulin in the blood (sugar) and if this is not eliminated immediately with exercise, it ends up accumulating in the body in the form of saturated fat. And if, in addition, we take carbohydrates made with refined flour, we achieve that the nutritional value of this food is null.

Therefore, in the case of carbohydrates there are some simple rules to enjoy a healthy body:

  • Always consume carbohydrates made with wholemeal flour: because in this way the nutritional contribution is of quality (fibre, vitamins, minerals, etc.) and also contributes to intestinal transit and promotes the feeling of satiety.
  • never eat them at night: as we have already mentioned, carbohydrates need to be burned immediately to prevent them from turning into fat; if we take them at night our physical activity will not exist and, therefore, we will gain weight. The best time to eat carbohydrates is early in the day, especially if you’re going to have a busy afternoon.
  • Always mix them with low-fat proteins: in this way, you will reduce the intake of carbohydrates and mix it with proteins, which are the perfect allies to help us burn calories. So leave aside the plate of macaroni Bolognese and opt for some spaghetti with vegetables and a drizzle of olive oil, for example.

3. the practice exercise

Another trick to burn fat rests on the practice of exercise. It is important that in order to be in shape you practice sports at least 3 days a week, but if you want to burn calories faster we recommend that you never do it after eating.

Why? Because when we eat we have our body full of insulin (which is a hormone responsible for getting glucose to the cells) and, therefore, burning fat at this time is much more complicated than doing it when the digestion of food and nutrients has been completed. The best way to lose fat is to exercise on an empty stomach and eat something after exercise.

4. eat more times a day

Whenever you go to a nutritionist’s office, they will give you key advice and that is that in order to lose weight it is important that you eat more times a day. Although it seems ironic, it is not at all: eating at least 5 times a day makes the digestive system constantly working and, therefore, you are accelerating the metabolism by making it work all day.

To get fat-burning The essential thing is that the foods you eat are low in calories and healthy, in this way you will be able to burn more calories than you take. In general, it is recommended that no more than 3 hours pass between meals and that mid-morning and mid-afternoon you bet on healthy snacks such as fruit, low-fat yogurt or vegetables. In this Be Special Lady article, we tell you how to make healthy snacks.

5. training with different intensity ranges

In the sports field, we also have another trick that will help you lose weight faster. According to recent studies, it has been proven that combining different intensities during training burns more calories than maintaining the same intensity all the time. The body gets used to exercising and the metabolism too, so in order to burn more, it is important to combine our exercise with different intensity ranges so that a jump in metabolism is caused and more calories are burned. This is known as the “afterburn effect” and is one of the revolutions in the world of fitness and sports.

Therefore, at Be Special Lady we recommend that, for example, when you go out for a run, you intersperse 10 minutes of brisk walking and then do 3 minutes of high intensity, then slow down and increase it again, and so on. Your body will expend more energy and therefore more calories.

6. Eating after Training

And, after training, you have to eat something to burn more fat. Although it may seem ironic, it is not: when we have just played sports, our body is less likely to burn fat when it finishes exercising because the muscles are tired and need food to recover. Therefore, if we are hungry after sports, we are preventing the muscles from regenerating and, therefore, from growing and toning up as we are looking for.

7. Limit sugar intake

You have to keep in mind that white sugar is an ingredient that has lots of calories and no nutritional value therefore, it is highly recommended that if you want to burn fat, you avoid consuming this type of sugar and try other healthier alternatives such as brown sugar (which is not refined and, therefore, maintains some of its nutrients) or honey.

if you want to lose weight What we recommend at Be Special Lady is that you opt for calorie-free alternatives such as sweeteners or stevia. In this article we tell you how to substitute sugar in your diet indicates all the possibilities you have.

8. Drink 2 litres of water a day

In order to burn fat, it is essential that you hydrate your body with water because it will cleanse your body from within, detoxify it and eliminate fluid retention (which is what causes the appearance of cellulite). Therefore, increase your daily water consumption to 2 litres and ditch soft drinks and alcohol that do not bring you any benefit to your health and many calories.

9. Eating fruits to burn fat

In addition to these tricks to burn more calories, you should know that there are some fruits that help us burn them faster and, therefore, it is more recommended that you take an apple, for example than a banana; In this article, we discover the fruits to burn fat.

Similarly, there are also medicinal herbs that contribute to helping us eliminate fat by promoting the metabolism to work faster and, therefore, the fat deposits are attacked, such as green tea or grapefruit infusion; here you can find the best infusions to burn fat.

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