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weekly diet to lose fat

If you want to lose a few kilos, cleanse your body, eliminate toxins, feel better and much healthier, pay attention to the following Be Special Lady a

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If you want to lose a few kilos, cleanse your body, eliminate toxins, feel better and much healthier, pay attention to the following Be Special Lady article. On this occasion, we have prepared a specific diet plan to improve your figure and lose accumulated fat. Getting conscious that you have to lose weight sometimes takes an effort, but with a will, desire and courage you will be able to improve your image and feel much better. You are ready? with the following weekly diet to lose fat, a little exercise and a lot of motivation will not only get rid of those extra kilos but also improve your figure. Take note!

Keys to a diet to lose fat

When we launch into a weekly shock plan, the objective is usually clear: lose weight. It is important to maintain a rich, varied, and balanced diet to achieve this goal and, even more so, if we want to burn stored fat. But there are also other basic requirements to be able to carry out a weekly diet which not only have to do with food, but also with psychology:

  • Variety: this principle is the key to not being bored. It will be much easier to stick with the diet if you turn it into a fun food matching game. On the other hand, it is important to get essential nutrients from each food group. Tip: eat everything.
  • Moderation: Eat everything, but in moderation. The key to success and effectiveness is to eat small amounts, without excesses, to maintain energy, nutritional and hormonal balance.
  • Frequency: if we want to maintain balance, we must also increase the frequency of food intake. Think that although we reduce the quantities, it will be necessary to distribute the total calories in 5 meals a day to contribute to our energetic and nutritional well-being.
  • Hydration: firstly, because water acts as a satiating agent and controls our appetite, secondly to avoid fluid retention and thirdly and last but not least, because water is basic and vital for the proper development of our metabolism. Hydration is essential in any diet.

recommended diet

If you want to make a good fat loss diet, you should make a good purchase. Knowing the most recommended foods for this crash plan will help you more easily configure the weekly menu. It is important that you eliminate from the shopping list all those products that are too high in calories and that you focus your diet on a calorie reduction plan. We can divide the necessary food for our diet into four groups:

  • Fruits, vegetables, and vegetables.
  • Fish, meat, and eggs, all low in fat such as chicken breast, turkey, veal, lean meat, hake, salmon, sole…
  • Nuts and legumes.
  • Low-fat, skimmed, or semi-skimmed dairy.

All the foods included in the previous groups are essential to carry out a diet to lose fat. On the contrary, you should refrain from all those caloric products and processed or fatty foods, such as pasta, rice, refined sugars, pastries, chocolate, soft drinks…

The key to preparing a diet to lose fat is to generate a negative energy value or balance, that is, burn more calories than those we consume, but consume calories with high nutritional value. It is important that the diet is balanced and does not exceed the restriction of caloric intake, since in this way the rebound effect that causes the lack of energy is more likely to occur.

On the other hand, it is basic practice moderate sport to contribute to the activation of the metabolism to help us burn excess fat more quickly, easily, and effectively. In the following article, you can see which are the best exercises to burn fat.

It will also be very important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water (at least two liters a day) and rest properly, as all these factors contribute to weight loss.

weekly diet example

Below, we present, as a guide, a menu which corresponds to a weekly diet to lose fat It is important to note that this type of diet must be personalized and adapted to each person since everything will depend on the amount of weight you want to lose.


  • Breakfast: coffee with skimmed milk, oat flakes, and a piece of fruit (preferably apple).
  • Mid-morning: tea or infusion and a piece of fruit.
  • Lunch: a piece of grilled lean meat with small boiled potato and carrot.
  • Snack: skimmed yogurt.
  • Dinner: steamed artichokes accompanied by ham.


  • Breakfast: toast with low-fat fresh cheese and orange juice.
  • Mid-morning: a piece of fruit.
  • Lunch: mushroom scrambled eggs with grilled lean meat and a piece of fruit.
  • Snack: skimmed yogurt or a piece of fruit and a tea or infusion.
  • Dinner: steamed mussels and vegetable stew.


  • Breakfast: smoothie based on cereals, fruit, and skimmed milk.
  • Mid-morning: tea or infusion with a piece of fruit.
  • Lunch: mixed salad and grilled chicken breast, plus a piece of fruit.
  • Snack: skimmed yogurt.
  • Dinner: egg white omelet accompanied by turkey ham.


  • Breakfast: low-fat yogurt and a banana.
  • Mid-morning: orange juice and oatmeal.
  • Food: chickpea stew with chard and carrot plus fruit.
  • Snack: tea or infusion and slices of turkey ham.
  • Dinner: vegetable cream.


  • Breakfast: smoothie based on skimmed milk, cookies, fruit (preferably banana), and oatmeal.
  • Mid-morning: a vegetable sandwich with wholemeal bread.
  • Lunch: mixed salad, grilled salmon with steamed vegetables, and a piece of fruit.
  • Snack: skimmed yogurt.
  • Dinner: steamed cauliflower or broccoli with carrot.

Saturday :

  • Breakfast: oil and tomato toast with slices of turkey, coffee with skimmed milk or tea or infusion.
  • Mid-morning: orange juice and a bowl of oatmeal.
  • Food: baked hake with vegetables.
  • Snack: skimmed yogurt.
  • Dinner: spinach with shrimp.

The Sunday It is the rest day, in which you should eat normally, but be careful with less recommended foods. Remember that for this diet to be effective, you must try to be constant. Finally, it is a healthy and balanced plan that if you make it a habit, you will not accumulate fat in your body. Of course, it is vitally important to always combine this weight loss diet With a good dose of exercise, only then will your metabolism be able to burn fat more easily.

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