What does vacuum therapy consist of?

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What does vacuum therapy consist of?

vacuum therapy It is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that is considered one of the best options in aesthetic medicine to treat cellulite. Howev

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vacuum therapy It is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that is considered one of the best options in aesthetic medicine to treat cellulite. However, it is also emerging as an alternative to burn fat and reduce measures, so it is widely used as a supplement to accelerate weight loss or to eliminate love handles formed by localized fat. If you want to know about this technique originated in France, in this Be Special Lady article you will learn what does vacuum therapy consist of.
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What is vacuum therapy

vacuum therapy It is an aesthetic treatment that offers to drain the adipocyte fat cells and lead them to the lymphatic system so that they are later expelled through urine and faeces, which allows the reduction of measures and improves the appearance of orange peel skin.

vacuum therapy It is carried out through suction devices that, when applied to the dermis, act on the skin making the effect of a pacifier, which has the property of stimulating blood supply to the dermis and hypodermis, helping to drain the fat until the lymphatic system.

What does a vacuum therapy session consist of?

A vacuum therapy session must be performed by a specialist in aesthetic medicine and in a place that meets all the requirements and sanitary conditions. In general, in the first session, the expert evaluates the area that the person wishes to treat and decides where to start.

In the vacuum therapy session, the specialist will apply a gel in the area to be treated and will proceed to arrange the suction machine. There are people who confess that when the machine sucks the skin they feel a slight pain, especially if it is an area with abundant fat, which is why bruises sometimes appear or the pores dilate. However, experts assure that this varies according to the patient because the sensation that should be perceived when the machine sucks is the same as that of a light massage.

After the vacuum therapy session, it is recommended to drink at least two litres of water to help the body expel all the drained fat into the lymphatic system. It is recommended not to sunbathe for 48 hours in the treated area and, in general, the person can carry out their activities and daily routine without any inconvenience.

Vacuum therapy results

The results of vacuum therapy can be observed after the third session, however, it is recommended to follow a healthy diet, exercise and drink plenty of water so that the effect is more noticeable.

Vacumteraia is a treatment that is carried out in several sessions and the amount of them will depend on the specific requirements of each person and will be notified by the specialist. When a person is being treated with vacuum therapy, the following results should be expected:

. Cellulite improvement.

. Greater skin firmness.

. Reduction of measures.

. Weightloss.

. Toned skin.

. More fresh and hydrated skin.

. Cleaner pores.

. Less sagging.

. Buttock lift.

Basic considerations

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive treatment, however, it is necessary to prevent accidents by visiting a trusted aesthetic centre and attended by professionals specialized in the area of ​​health and aesthetic medicine.

This technique has no side effects beyond the dilation of the pores and possible bruising that, as mentioned above, are not frequent and depend on the quality of the person’s skin and coagulation.

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