What is a tummy tuck and how is it performed?

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What is a tummy tuck and how is it performed?

Abdominoplasty or abdominal plastic surgery is one of the most requested plastic surgery interventions, along with breast lift, since it is a complete

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Abdominoplasty or abdominal plastic surgery is one of the most requested plastic surgery interventions, along with breast lift, since it is a complete operation that allows abdominal fat to be removed and the waist to be reshaped, achieving a well-defined torso. If you want to know how a tummy tuck is done, we’ll give you the keys at Be Special Lady. Thanks to this tummy tuck, by achieving a flat and defined stomach, it is possible to improve physical appearance and facilitate self-esteem. Find out all about what is abdominoplasty and how is it performed reading this post.

What is abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is an abdominal operation that aims to remove excess skin and fat from the abdominal area while correcting muscle flaccidity. That is, through this plastic surgery, the appearance of the belly is improved, especially in those cases in which there is excess fat and pronounced flaccidity in the area. These aspects can be improved by this tummy tuck.

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Why is abdominoplasty performed?

As we have seen, the objective of abdominoplasty is to correct defects in the skin, fat, and musculature of the abdomen, removing its excess and reshaping both the belly and the waist. For whom is this tummy tuck indicated? And, above all, why undergo this intervention?

Although it is an intervention of plastic surgery, abdominoplasty is aimed at those people who tend to accumulate fat in the abdomen and/or have excess skin and, therefore, it is flaccid. This situation can occur, above all, in women who, after one or several pregnancies, have suffered abdominal deformities due to pregnancy. However, it can also be done when there is sagging of the skin or abdominal muscles and it is a difficult case to remedy through diet and exercise alone. On the other hand, all those people who have lost a lot of weight and want to regain abdominal tone or reshape their waist, or want to achieve a flat stomach, can also undergo this plastic surgery.

For all these reasons, it is considered that to perform an abdominoplasty no health reasons are necessary, since its purpose is to be able to reduce the bulging and flaccid shape of the belly, that is, reduce the belly, and achieve a flat stomach, with the skin “in your place” and a slimmer waist. The reasons for performing an abdominal operation are therefore generally aesthetic, although there may be cases in which this intervention is performed to relieve rashes or skin infections developed in the flaps of the skin of the belly, which is a physical health reason. Thus, in cases where the current situation affects emotional health significantly.

How is Abdominoplasty performed?

If you are wondering how an abdominoplasty is done, it is necessary to know, first, that this surgical intervention, performed under general or epidural anesthesia, consists of making an incision above the pubic hair area that extends towards the hips. Through this cut, the specialist will remove the excess skin and fatty tissue from the abdomen, and, at the same time, the abdominal muscles will be strengthened, in order to obtain the results desired by the patient. The tummy tuck usually lasts between 2 and 3 hours and it is necessary to spend some nights of hospitalization.

For the tummy tuck to be a complete success, it is important to talk about the abdominoplasty before and after, since both the prior preparation and the subsequent care are essential throughout the process. In this way, before deciding whether to undergo this surgery, you should have an assessment appointment with an experienced surgeon, in which your case will not only be analyzed to determine whether or not it is convenient to perform this intervention, but also to resolve any questions that may arise. arise about abdominoplasty.

Preparation for abdominoplasty

The days before a tummy tuck, it is essential to stop taking any medication that can hinder the formation of blood clots. The specialist surgeon will tell you what medications you can take on the same day of the intervention, as well as the subsequent treatment and the guidelines to follow.

Remember that before any intervention you must maintain a fasting period, also indicated by the doctor himself, as well as undergo certain preoperative tests to verify your state of health and the feasibility of the tummy tuck. In case of doubts, it is important to go to the specialist to be able to solve them previously.

Aftercare after abdominoplasty

The care after the surgical intervention will be fundamental so that the results are optimal.

  • An operation of this type always results in a permanent scar, which is important to take care of in the following days in order to help the wound heal properly. Although the extent of it will depend on the incision that has been made in the patient, taking into account the severity of each case, once the stitches are removed, two or three weeks after surgery, you can protect the wound and care for the scar keeping the skin hydrated to help regeneration. Use regenerating creams or oils with measure, as excess moisture is not suitable for the scar. Also, always keep the area of ​​the scar well clean and protected.
  • The days after the intervention, the patient will feel slight pain and tightness in the abdomen that can cause some discomfort, but that can be resolved with the intake of prescription pain relievers by the doctor and that are not usually long-lasting symptoms. In addition, the use of elastic supports such as, for example, a belt or sash, two to three weeks later, in order to keep the area protected and compressed. In this sense, it is also important to perform specific lymphatic drainage massages in the abdominal area. Here you can read about How to do reducing massages on the abdomen.
  • For optimal recovery from abdominoplasty, it is important to take a rest after the intervention, avoid any activity that could cause tension, reduce the weight load, and avoid the practice of sports, all between 5 and 6 weeks, following the doctor’s instructions in each case.
  • As for returning to work, it will always depend on the context and situation of each patient, although it is very common for normal life to begin between two and four weeks after having undergone a tummy tuck.
  • Finally, it is important to note that the results of abdominoplasty are not immediate, but are progressive, that is, the abdomen will gradually reduce swelling and between four and six months later you will be able to see the final result. However, in order to maintain a flat stomach and not re-accumulate fat in the area, it will be essential to adopt and maintain healthy living habits through a healthy and balanced diet and physical activity and specific exercises that allow strengthening the abdominal area, in order to maintain the results obtained with abdominoplasty for much longer.

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