What is ultra cavitation?

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What is ultra cavitation?

Surely you have heard of liposuction without surgery, a treatment that offers the benefits of this intervention without the need to go through the

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Surely you have heard of liposuction without surgery, a treatment that offers the benefits of this intervention without the need to go through the scalpel. Well, it’s about ultra cavitation, the most innovative aesthetic treatment to eliminate localized fat, reduce measurements and improve the appearance of cellulite.

Ultra cavitation is the latest in aesthetic medicine for those people who want to help themselves in the process of losing weight or who simply want to shape their body by emphasizing their waist, reducing the thickness of their love handles or saying goodbye forever to the cartridge belt. If you want to know what is ultra cavitation what the results are and what a session is about, read this Be Special Lady note carefully.

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What is ultra cavitation?

The ultra cavitation is a more powerful ultrasonic aesthetic treatment than a conventional ultrasound such as the one used for abdominal echoes. Ultra cavitation consists of applying a special ultrasonic head to the area to be treated, which will form bubbles inside the fatty tissue and these will break to release the content of the adipocytes (fat cells).

ultra cavitation ultrasound it is different from the conventional ones due to the frequency it radiates (40khz) and due to its low power (40W) which is responsible for the formation of bubbles and the breaking of fat cells. Once the adipocytes are broken, the fat travels through the lymphatic system and is expelled through urine and faeces, which leads to quick results to observe.

What does the ultra cavitation session consist of?

In the first session of ultra cavitation, the specialist doctor will determine which area is best to start with. He will apply a gel to the skin and proceed to pass the ultrasound head through the dermis. Ultra cavitation is painless, non-invasive and very comfortable to perform.

After the ultra cavitation session, the person should drink at least 2 litres of water to stimulate the lymphatic system and speed up the fat expulsion process. There is no indication or rest after performing the treatment, so the person can continue their life normally. There are also no side effects.

The number of sessions that are needed vary according to the requirements of the person and the amount of localized fat. It is recommended to carry out 8 sessions in 3 months, however, this indication can only be offered by the specialist.

Results of ultra cavitation

The ultra cavitation results can be seen from the first session since the expulsion of fat through the lymphatic system allows the prompt reduction of measures. However, for faster results, it is also recommended to perform lymphatic massages, which will stimulate the transit of fat to urine and faeces to facilitate its expulsion.

The expected results of ultra cavitation are reduction of orange peel skin due to the breakdown of the cells that produce it, better circulation, reduction of measures, loss of localized fat, a better appearance of the skin. Ultra cavitation is designed to eliminate fat but not to combat flaccidity, which is why many specialists recommend complementing the treatment with radiofrequency sessions.

Necessary care and precautions

Although ultra cavitation does not suggest the use of anaesthesia, it is an outpatient treatment and does not offer side effects, there are some precautions that you must take into account. Exercise and following a hypocaloric diet will help the treatment to be more effective, the results to be more noticeable and more fat to be burned, not to mention that it is the only way to avoid losing the effects of ultra cavitation.

This treatment, like all, has its exceptions, so It is NOT recommended to apply ultra cavitation for pregnant women, people with metal prostheses, open wounds, cancer, significant overweight, kidney or liver disease.

Ultra cavitation does not leave marks does not produce heat on the skin, it must be done with a specialized ultrasonic product, it does not hurt, it does not have short and long-term consequences, it does not cause wounds, it does not harm the skin or the bones and the only way to avoid negative effects such as those previously mentioned is by going to a doctor specializing in aesthetics to carry out the treatment.

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