Why does my belly only get fat?

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Why does my belly only get fat?

When fat enters our body, it does not ask for a turn and is put in its place, it does not accumulate in a uniform way or at least it is not like that

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When fat enters our body, it does not ask for a turn and is put in its place, it does not accumulate in a uniform way or at least it is not like that in most people. There are very different cases, women who only notice it on their thighs and legs, others who notice it on their hips, many are people who get fat from the face, but without a doubt, the majority of people are the ones who only get fat from the belly

Are you skinny and gain weight only from the belly? We know that it’s hard to see how your arms and legs remain thin and stylized and on the other hand your belly doesn’t stop growing, that’s why at Be Special Lady we want to give you the answer so that you can put a stop to it and change the situation.

If you look in the mirror and wonder Why does only my belly get fat? We invite you to continue reading.

Blame it on the hormones

You will have already discovered from your own experience that fat does not accumulate evenly throughout the body, but that what you lack in one place you have in excess in another, you may be a thin person, with fine extremities and that only the belly. Before discovering why we have to introduce an element that surely sounds familiar to you but that you may not know very well what function it has.

The hormones are substances present in our body that act as messengers, telling the body what it should or should not do, regulating its functions. Sexual arousal, the feeling of happiness, euphoria, anxiety, the effort you can bear, and, of course, the shape of your body is subject to the action of hormones.

This is also an explanation for why men and women gain weight differently; Hormonal differences between the two sexes cause men to accumulate more fat in the belly and women in the hips and thighs.

Your worst enemy? Stress

Of all the hormones there is one that is especially relevant when we ask ourselves about what makes me fat only my belly. The cortisol all stress hormone is the main cause of accumulating fat in the belly, whether we are men or women, instead of distributing it to other areas of the body.

Thanks to medical advances and new scientific studies we can now know exactly how our body works, what cortisol does in our body and why the levels of this hormone increase.

We have already said that it is called the stress hormone, and it is no coincidence that it is called that, since in states of anxiety, stress, and nervousness our body secretes this steroid that has the function of administering to our body the energy necessary to face that supposed danger.

In people who suffer from anxiety or chronic stress, it is normal to observe high levels of cortisol for long periods, producing certain changes in our body, such as the tendency to gain weight only from the belly.

Why does cortisol make me fat?

We have already seen that stress is what the belly produces in us, but what does it have to do with it? Why does cortisol make us fat??

The objective of cortisol is to keep us alive, it is extra energy that our body releases when it is in a dangerous moment and needs to give its full potential. This hormone is the culprit that, when we are chased, we run faster or jump much more. If you keep wondering what it has to do with the belly, you should know that while our body releases cortisol orders to store fat, because we are in an emergency situation and anticipate that you will need power. To do that, it distributes body fat, accumulating it in the belly and removing it from the arms and legs, which causes fattening only from the belly.

Also, this would make sense if we were really threatened and we needed that dose of extra energy to be able to escape some physical danger, the problem is that anxiety and stress make your body react like this in a situation that doesn’t require it, like It can be a promotion at work or an exam period, our brain interprets life-threatening situations throughout our daily lives, creating high levels of stress and anxiety.

How to lower cortisol levels

In the following article, you can learn what the causes and symptoms of high cortisol are, but surely, the most important thing at this time is to learn to lower it to avoid fattening only your belly.

To lower cortisol levels you not only have to try to relax and live with more peace of mind so yoga can be good for you, but it is also necessary to take care of your diet.

You should avoid big swings in blood sugar levels In your blood, both glucose increases and decreases can lead to your cortisol levels skyrocketing, which is why it is necessary to follow a careful diet and avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar.

If you want to know more tricks to lower cortisol and thus prevent fat from accumulating and only fattening your belly, we invite you to visit our article on how to lower high cortisol in order to lower the levels of this hormone and be able to have belly fat.

Other causes that only your belly gains weight

Stress does not affect everyone equally, there are people who are capable of isolating themselves more from worries, and this leads us to another of the main causes of your belly only getting fat; the genes. Genetic inheritance is a vital part of your body structure, for this reason, if your parents have a tendency to accumulate fat in the abdomen area, you are very likely to do so.

The Lifestyle What you wear will also influence your body’s response when it comes to gaining weight, factors such as smoking, alcohol intake, or a sedentary lifestyle actively contribute to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

But this is not all, there are more reasons why only your belly makes you fat, and one of them is some elements that we have already talked about: the hormones.

During their fertile life, women tend to have a tendency to accumulate fat in the thighs and hips, but when menopause, this trend changes in favor of the abdomen and belly. The great hormonal changes that occur in this vital period entail changes in the constitution and distribution of body fat.

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